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Key Considerations before Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Smoking and tobacco usage have become major causes of death and disease, and cost the country more than $300 billion a year in medical care and lost productivity.

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Change Yourself, Change Your World – part I

During these stressful times, I want to remind you how important it is to stay focused on what you want your life to stand for. If you aren’t sure of your direction, you are likely to be thrown off

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Is The World in Crisis Driving You To The Fridge?

Economy . . . COVID-19. . .Divided Nation . . . Health Care Workers Dying . . .Unemployment . . . Climate Change . . .Deaths soaring . . .How do these words make you feel? Do you find yourself cringing

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Weight Loss Hypnosis featured on Nightline

Rena Greenberg is featured on Nightline for her weight loss hypnosis success, for the third time! In this story, Julie Evans who lost 140 lbs with weight loss hypnosis and gastric bypass hypnosis is featured.

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Releasing Anxiety in Stressful Times – Free Live Hypnosis with Rena

I’m happy to gift you with a free live hypnosis session with me to help you cope with the unbelievable turn of events we are facing.   What part of your life has been most challenged by today’s

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