Have you tried every possible pill, diet and exercise equipment to get rid of those extra pounds but feel like it's a losing battle?

Would you stay in a relationship with someone who made you tired, sick and fat?...

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Do you feel panicked about letting yet another year go by, feeling unhealthy and embarrassed about your body, fighting to keep the weight off?  
  • Do you long to look and feel younger and have the energy you once had?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I want you to know that I know exactly how you feel, and that your heart’s longing to be free and happy is absolutely possible for you!

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The answer to changing the way you look and feel is inside of you and I am here to show you how you can look into the mirror and like the image that is looking back at you once and for all.

My name is Rena Greenberg and I also struggled with my weight and with my health, just like you. My eating habits were so bad and my health was in such poor shape, that by the age of 26, I was literally facing death.

In fact, I was admitted into the Cardiac Care Unit at Brooklyn’s Methodist Hospital for three weeks, where I literally had a heart attack while I was in the hospital! I didn’t know at the time that I had food and sugar addiction and an eating disorder.

It was through finding my own way back to health, after having a pacemaker put into my heart at age 26, that I discovered some amazing secrets about how to lose weight and keep it off.

And what I discovered was really shocking! I found out why diets never work in the long run and why they always keep you on the merry go round—like a mouse on a wheel—completely imprisoned and miserable, never able to truly relax—always fearful of gaining the weight back.

What I discovered is that there’s a way to tap into the deeper power of your mind to change the way you think about food subconsciously. When I finally figured that out and learned to reprogram my own thinking—with the simple techniques that I’ll be teaching you—my eating habits changed automatically and the fat just melted off my body. And I was finally healthy! And the best part was that it was easy—no more diets, no pills, no potions, no gimmicks, and no deprivation! I felt truly free, finally!

I wanted to share what I had learned with others. So, I developed a Wellness Seminar program that ended up being reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals. Over 100,000 people used my program, in hospitals throughout the USA, and the results have been amazing!

Companies like Walt Disney World, AT&T and Home Depot brought me on-site to work with their employees. In fact over 100 major corporations, governments and school systems contracted with me to help their employees lose weight healthfully, when the other weight loss programs they were using failed.

I was honored when news sources like CNN, Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, The Doctors Show, USA Today, FOX News, NBC News and Woman’s World featured my clients because of the impressive successful weight loss results they had achieved with my method.

My client, Julie, was featured on CNN after she lost 140 pounds. Julie had attended my weight loss program, at St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan with her Mother, Carrie, who then dropped 55 lb. after using my self-hypnosis strategy. For both of them, their eating habits completely changed and it was, “easy and effortless.” In fact, Julie sent her cousin, Josh, to see me and he dropped 80 pounds after using my method, in just one year! And, they all kept it off!

Rena has been featured on...

Can you picture yourself wearing the outfit that makes you feel confident, sexy, young and beautiful, getting compliments from your friends or coworkers?

Imagine being completely healthy, being able to move your body with ease—feeling completely comfortable in your own skin.

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see looking back at you!

With my program, since you're not on any diet, the subconscious re-programming drives you into the new habit of simply honoring and respecting your body. You'll start to not only want to put into your body food that nourishes you and sustains you.

And that all starts with your Sugar Divorce!

What is Sugar Divorce?

Sugar Divorce is a healthy living and eating program, created by Rena Greenberg, Celebrity Hypnotherapist, Hay House Author and CEO and Founder of Wellness Seminars, Inc..

Sugar divorce is a complete mind, body spirit program for healthy living and delicious eating. Never feel hungry as you break your addiction to carbs and sweets, easily and effortlessly.

With a Sugar Divorce you enjoy 31 days of delicious meal plans and easy to prepare recipes for blood sugar balancing, fat burning meals. Break the endless cycle of sugar cravings.

Live life happy and healthy—mentally, physically and emotionally, as you shift your subconscious thinking about food, with self-hypnosis. Prefer healthy, fat burning foods and be turned off to harmful food.

What are the obstacles? The unproductive habits that have developed over the years—overeating, binge eating, snacking, emotional eating and addiction to sugary foods.

The good news is that these habits aren’t carved in stone. They can be broken when you tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

In my Sugar Divorce Master Package your first step is full of hypnotic techniques and secrets to jumpstart your permanent weight loss, without dieting and with no deprivation.

The powerful hypnotic methods I share in this program will help you to lose weight, eat healthy, break your sugar cravings and feel good. Lose weight easily and automatically without feeling deprived or denied, by changing the way you think about yourself and food subconsciously.

And that’s because the change is in your brain. We are literally re-training the brain because that’s the only thing that works for permanent weight loss results. And the best part is—it’s fun, relaxing, empowering and peaceful.

Can You Be Hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized but to varying degrees. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go in and out of throughout the day. Surely, you’ve had the experience of driving in your car and missing your exit.

That’s because you went into a “trance” without even being aware of it. You and I are responding to suggestions all day long. When the fast food restaurant’s sign pops out at us while driving in the car, the images and aromas coming from the restaurant actually “hypnotize” us and draw us in.

Just Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like...

Florence. B

I'm at my target weight - I feel great...

“Thanks to Rena’s Sugar Divorce, I am at my target weight. I’ve removed all cakes, donuts, ice cream, candy, chocolate and goodies from my snacks – and I don’t feel deprived at all! I feel great!”

I lost more than 30 pounds in seven months...

“Rena’s Sugar Divorce has totally changed my life. Not only have I lost more than 30 pounds in seven months, I now exercise every day. I feel confident and my self-esteem is higher than at any time in my life. Thank you Rena Greenberg.”

Alexandra. Z
Ellie. B

I lost 5 pounds in one week...

“Thank you so much for this great program! I started a little over a week ago and have not only lost 5 lb. but even more importantly, my confidence and energy have skyrocketed. I am getting so much more out of this program than I ever imagined possible!”

I have lost 9 lbs. in one month...

“I have lost 9 lbs. in one month. I leave things on the plate now, where I didn’t before and I can say no to food at night. Sugar Divorce is a great program – I didn’t know weight loss could be this easy!”

Robert. S
Jane. B

My sweet addiction has gone...

“I have lost 12 lbs. It works. My sweet addiction has gone away. I can say no for the first time in my adult life.”


“Rena’s Sugar Divorce is awesome! I lost 15 lbs. in two months. It seriously works. You just don’t crave the bad foods anymore – Amazing!!!”

Amy. B
Leonard. D

My doctor said I added 10 years to my life...

“My first 6 months using Rena’s Sugar Divorce I lost 70 lbs. My doctor told me I added 10 years to my life. At first I was skeptical, but I thought, why not give it a shot? To date, I’ve lost 100 lbs. – I eat completely differently and I have so much more energy – it’s awesome.”

Here’s the truth: Even if you found the perfect diet out there. Or, if you went ahead and had that bariatric surgery, or found the world’s best trainer to show you how to re-shape your body, no matter what, unless you change the way you think about food subconsciously including sugary and buttery snacks, the weight is always going to come back on.

Changing the way you think about food subconsciously is the only thing that works and that’s why I am passionate about sharing this program that I have spent years researching and developing, with you.

Overview of the Sugar Divorce Master Package

The core of this program is the powerful hypnotic methods I share in my Sugar Divorce: Weigh to Freedom Weight Loss System.

This program will help you to lose weight, eat healthy, divorce sugar and feel good. Lose weight easily and automatically without feeling deprived or denied, by changing the way you think about yourself and food subconsciously.

On this powerful 6-CD/ digital audio set you will learn why you have not yet been able to achieve your weight loss goals successfully.

Consciously you understand that you must eat less and exercise more but diets lead to deprivation and ultimately weight gain!! Learn to lose weight by changing your mind’s inner programming.

Weight loss can be effortless as you transform the hidden subconscious pictures in your mind that cause you to sabotage yourself. Receive three powerful hypnotic experiences including a heart-centering exercise that helps to deepen your connection to the part of you that does have the strength to make the changes you are longing for.

Break free from all obstacles and step into your new slender life! As a special bonus, we’ve included a walking CD, with upbeat music and affirmations that is sure to have you up and running!

CD/Digital Audio One - Introduction To The Weigh To Freedom
Free yourself forever from the conflict between consciously wanting to lose weight, while your subconscious mind wants to keep on eating the way it has in the past. Learn to harness the power of your deeper mind and heart to finally achieve what you really want: confidence, happiness and successful weight loss.

CD/Digital Audio Two - Healthy Eating on The Go
You know that you’re supposed to eat healthier foods but it’s so much easier to just grab some greasy or sugary snack on the go. Not any more! Learn simple and effective ways to incorporate healthy eating into the busiest lifestyle. Rena’s food ideas are easy and delicious. You’ll never go back to your old, self-sabotaging ways of eating again.

CD/Digital Audio Three - Connect to Your Personal Power (Heart Centering Hypnosis)
Deep within you is a deeper wisdom that can offer you all that your heart desires—when you connect with it. This heart-centering experience will take you behind any voices of doubt or fear to your greatest source of inspiration, love and freedom. Here the choices you make will naturally lead you to greater happiness and the confidence to change your eating and exercise habits.

CD/Digital Audio Four - Breaking Free From Obstacles to Permanent Weight Loss (Hypnosis)
No matter what is getting in the way of your success—whether it be addiction to sweets, stress, low self-esteem, fear of failure, emotional eating, no exercise, no time, night bingeing, no support—whatever the obstacle, you can overcome it. Learn a powerful method for breaking free from any difficulty and connecting with the hidden force inside yourself that can only propel you to succeed.

CD/Digital Audio Five - Love Your Slender Life (Hypnosis)
 What you imagine, you can achieve. This audio will imprint on your deeper mind and heart new images of yourself at your ideal weight, fitting into your clothes comfortably, confident, happy, enjoying exercise with new eating habits. Open to new, positive possibilities for yourself and naturally step into a more beautiful experience of your life.

CD/Digital Audio Six - Walk that Weight Away! (Walking Affirmation audio)
Your walking experience will be transformed as you listen to this energizing recording of upbeat music along with powerful, life-altering affirmations. The encouraging self-talk will help transform any subconscious blocks about exercise.

Once you have removed these subconscious blocks about food, you will be equipped with the tools for your Sugar Divorce.

Plus The 11 digital only components of the Sugar Divorce – each of which is powerful by itself –  will help you lose weight and feel your best!  

All of the components are available as digital files through our private membership website. 

Sugar Divorce Manual

The Sugar Divorce Comprehensive e-Manual is your go-to guide to lose weight and break the sugar habit, with no diet and no deprivation. You’ll be guided step-by-step on how to lose weight and energize by eating delicious foods that burn fat, in the right combination. Filled with tips and hints to get into the right mind-set to divorce Sweetie and lose weight permanently.

Sugar Divorce Personalized Meal Plans

Delicious meal plans that are based on science to balance your blood sugar, end cravings and help you lose weight, healthfully.

Quick & Easy Sugar Divorce Today Guide

This quick guide will give you easy tools and techniques to start your Sugar Divorce immediately. Learn the easy strategies that have helped thousands break free. Get started today with a sound method that works.

Sugar Divorce Coaching Session

Experience a powerful coaching session where Rena will guide you to change the way you think about food subconsciously, to make your sugar divorce easy. You’ll want to listen to this life-changing session over and over. Master empowering practices and strategies to change your relationship with food and your body forever. Download only session for immediate access.

Sugar Divorce Cognitive Conditioning Session

Cleanse your mind with Rena’s powerful self-hypnosis download session. In this empowering audio program, you’ll learn how to take control of your life and your eating habits. This is the technique that Rena has used to help over 100,000 people to lose weight and keep it off. Change your subconscious associations and attachments to unhealthy foods, while you reduce stress. Wake up in the morning supercharged and motivated to achieve your goals.

Sugar Divorce Affirmations

Change your subconscious thoughts effortlessly as you listen to this powerful audio download of positive affirmations. Over upbeat music, Rena will give you empowering messages to instill optimism and strength on your journey to health and happiness. You’ll find these new, constructive thoughts changing your inner conversation and motivating you to make healthy choices. Your new, positive behaviors will start to feel completely natural.

Fat-Burning Recipes

Over 90 delicious, fat-burning, blood-sugar balancing recipes to energize, revitalize and nourish you, while you drop those extra pounds. Rena’s e-book Recipe Guide provides easy to follow step by step instructions for preparing clean, healthy food, to make your Sugar Divorce easy. You’ll love eating these easy and innovative meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus tasty snacks. 

Personalized Tools

Stop sabotaging yourself and making the same old weight loss mistakes. Get the tools you need to end unproductive habits such as binge eating, overeating, night eating, snacking and emotional eating.

Success Journal

Keep track of your successes and cheer yourself on with your Sugar Divorce e-Journal. Writing your goals down impresses them on your subconscious mind.

Shopping Lists

Make shopping easy with the Sugar Divorce easy to reference downloadable Shopping Guide. All the ingredients for each day and each recipe are listed for you, to make shopping quick and simple. Easy to display on any tablet or smart phone, or you can even print it out.

Sugar Divorce Community

Join the thousands of people who have used Rena’s Sugar Divorce program to change their lives. At the Community Forum (on Facebook), Rena will be happy to help you personally, by answering any questions you may have, celebrating your success or just cheering you on. Rena is also happy to answer your e-mail questions.

Reference: Harvard School of Public Health Obesity Prevention

The Entire Sugar Divorce Master Package is valued at over $1500 and is all yours today for the low price of $197!

Cindy. L

Lost almost 30 lbs!!!

“Sugar Divorce is fantastic!! I want to shout it from the roof tops. I have already had three friends use this program. I have lost almost 30 lbs.!!”

I stopped binging and night eating completely.

“Since I started using Rena’s audio sessions, I stopped binging and night eating completely. I don’t eat white stuff and no junk food anymore. It’s incredible – I really feel in control. I feel great! Thank you Rena!”

Deniece. G
Tina. I

I lost 25 lb. in 4 months!

“With Sugar Divorce, I started losing weight immediately because it got me so motivated to eat better, healthier meals and become more active. I didn’t crave carbs like I had before. I’m a believer! I lost 25 lb. in 4 months!”


Imagine looking back as 2023 approaches...

Thousands of people have joined Rena Greenberg’s Sugar Divorce community to help them lose weight easily and effortlessly while growing healthier and feeling younger.


Fast Weight Loss Results

"I'm down 30 pounds since using Rena's program and drinking Slender Cider."

- Elaine Dow

There are two options to start your Sugar Divorce Today...

Sugar Divorce Master Package

Valued at over $1500 for a limited time you get all of this for $197!


Sugar Divorce VIP Master Package

Complete Sugar Divorce Master Package plus FOUR Private Sessions with Rena.

4 individual private hypnosis sessions with Rena, over a period of three months over skype, along with free personalized reinforcement hypnosis recordings.

Rena will you break through your own personal obstacles to success, in each of the 4 private one-hour sessions. An unbelievable value!


Get Your Sugar Divorce Now!

More than anything else, what matters most to us is your happiness and complete satisfaction. By registering for the Sugar Divorce Program, and taking a stand for yourself, your health, your life and your future, you are making a deep commitment to a powerful level of inner and outer transformation in your life.

My clients start losing weight, not when they come to their first appointment, but interestingly, the moment they make the phone call or fill out the online form to register.

It’s natural to feel fear or nervousness about taking this amazing step towards your wholeness.

In view of that, we at Easy Willpower have found that the best way to support you in your desire to transform your life and break through the limitations of the past is to offer no refunds after you’ve registered.

However, I do want you to be happy, of course. If you are not happy with the program, after the first week, I will work with you, personally, and help you to use the tools in a way that personally benefits you, until you get the results you are deserving and longing for.
We can give you that guarantee with confidence be-cause we know the amazing track record this program has. It’s worked for thousands, and we absolutely love hearing the success stories that come flooding in. We can’t wait to hear yours and look forward to supporting you every step along the way.

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About Rena Greenberg

Since 1990 Rena Greenberg has helped over 200,000 people, all over the world, to lose weight and achieve optimal health. Her ground-breaking wellness seminar for weight control has been reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals and in 100+ major corporations such as Walt Disney World and Home Depot. Hay House Author, Rena Greenberg’s, clients often say they “owe their lives to her,” because she finds the fastest and easiest ways to help people release subconscious blocks to losing weight and find lasting health, happiness and freedom.

Celebrity Praise for Rena

Dr. Caroline Myss - NY Times Best-Selling Author

“Rena Greenberg offers hope to anyone losing control to addiction. She is a wonderful resource for personal growth and transformation“

Marianne Williamson - NY Times Best-Selling Author

Rena Greenberg provides the help that many people have been praying for.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup - NY Times Best-Selling Author

“Its all here, Rena gives everything anyone needs to know to lose weight and keep it off joyfully and healthfully.”

Dr. Bernie Siegel - NY Times Best-Selling Author

“Rena Greenberg’s guidance can help you to nourish the divine child within you in ways that will lighten your mind, body and spirit”

David Perlmutter, MD - Author, #1 New York Times Bestseller, Grain Brain

“Rena’s work is empowering. She provides user-friendly tools to help override primitive desires and facilitate better choices. Her tools will help you redirect your motivations – for the better.”

David Perlmutter, MD - Author, #1 New York Times Bestseller, Grain Brain

“Rena clearly articulates ways to overcome sugar addictions and the emotional triggers for eating.”

Larry Dossey, M.D - Author of Power of Prayer

“America is suffering from an epidemic of obesity. Rena offers a way out- a natural, sane approach.”