21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss 
Gastric Band Self-Hypnosis

Are you sick and tired of struggling with your weight?

Have you tried every possible pill, diet and exercise equipment to get rid of those extra pounds, but feel like it’s a losing battle?

Do you feel panicked about letting yet another year go by, feeling unhealthy and embarrassed about your body, fighting to keep the weight off? 

Do you long to look and feel younger?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know that I know exactly how you feel, and that your heart’s longing to be free and happy is absolutely possible for you.

The answer to changing the way you look and feel is inside of you and I am here to show you how you can look into the mirror and like the image that is looking back at you once and for all.

My name is Rena Greenberg and I also struggled with my weight and with my health, just like you. My eating habits were so bad and my health was in such poor shape, that by the age of 26, I was literally facing death.

In fact, I was admitted into the Cardiac Care Unit at Brooklyn’s Methodist Hospital for three weeks, where I literally had a heart attack while I was in the hospital!  I didn’t know at the time that I had food and sugar addiction and an eating disorder.

It was through finding my own way back to health, after having a pacemaker put into my heart at age 26, that I discovered some amazing secrets about how to lose weight and keep it off.

And what I discovered was really shocking!  I found out why diets never work in the long run and why they always keep you on the merry go round—like a mouse on a wheel—completely imprisoned and miserable, never able to truly relax—always fearful of gaining the weight back.

What I discovered is that there’s a way to tap into the deeper power of your mind to change the way you think about food subconsciously.  When I finally figured that out and learned to reprogram my own thinking—with the simple techniques that I’ll be teaching you—my eating habits changed automatically and the fat just melted off my body. And I was finally healthy!  And the best part was that it was easy—no more diets, no pills, no potions, no gimmicks, and no deprivation!  I felt truly free, finally!

I wanted to share what I had learned with others. So, in 1990, I developed a Wellness Seminar program that ended up being reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals.  Over 100,000 people used my program, in hospitals throughout the USA, and the results have been amazing!

Companies like Walt Disney World, AT&T and Home Depot brought me on-site to work with their employees. In fact over 100 major corporations, governments and school systems contracted with me to help their employees lose weight healthfully, when the other weight loss programs they were using failed.

I was honored when news sources like CNN, Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, The Doctors Show, USA Today, FOX News, NBC News and Woman’s World featured my clients because of the impressive successful weight loss results they had achieved with my method.

My client, Julie, was featured on CNN after she lost 140 pounds. Julie had attended my weight loss program, at St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan with her Mother, Carrie, who then dropped 55 lb. after using my self-hypnosis strategy.  For both of them, their eating habits completely changed and it was, “easy and effortless.” In fact, Julie sent her cousin, Josh, to see me and he dropped 80 pounds after using my method, in just one year! And, they all kept it off!

Rena has been featured in:

Can you imagine not only losing the weight, but keeping it off, being healthier than you’ve ever been—mentally, physically and emotionally—feeling fantastic, and achieving all of this without ever feeling like you’re on a diet? Imagine shopping for the clothes that you want to wear, looking the way you want to look, feeling the way you want to feel?

Can you picture yourself wearing the outfit that makes you feel confident, sexy, young and beautiful, getting compliments from your friends or coworkers?

Imagine being completely healthy, being able to move your body with ease—feeling completely comfortable in your own skin.

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see looking back at you!

Going on The Doctors Show with Kathy was a blast, after she lost 120 pounds by using my at home Gastric Bypass Hypnosis System on cd.

Deanna, a lovely school teacher from Detroit, was featured in Woman’s World Magazine, after dropping 100 pounds, without even exercising!  She described the change in her own eating habits after using my self-hypnosis program as “miraculous.”

So many of my clients have told me that even though they had read almost every diet book out there and been on every diet imaginable, not to mention wasting so much money on the schemes and gimmicks that promised fast weight loss results and delivered nothing, and even though they were on the brink of giving up completely, something told them to give my program a try.

I can’t tell you how rewarding it is for me, especially since I know the struggle personally, to hear over and over from people like Julie, Josh, Kathy and Gloria that my method of using self-hypnosis to tap into the power of the subconscious mind, along with the specific tools and strategies I use for reinforcement, was the only thing that ever really worked for them in the long run.

That’s because my method is not just another diet.  In fact, it’s not a diet at all.  It’s about changing the way you see yourself and the way you think about food, subconsciously.

When you change how you think about food, whatever diet you are on begins to work, because you no longer see dieting as a temporary situation.  You’re not rebelling anymore. Because normally when you go on a diet, the minute you go on it, you are waiting to go off it. So, dieting, subconsciously, is a temporary situation.

With my program, since you’re not on any diet, the subconscious re-programming drives you into the new habit of simply honoring and respecting your body. You’ll start to only want to put into your body food that nourishes you and sustains you.

That’s why I’m happy to introduce my 21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss

Gastric Bypass Self-Hypnosis Program

You’ll only want to eat when you’re physically hungry. Small portions will satisfy you and the food you do eat will taste better than ever.  That’s because your brain will process food differentlyand your taste for food will actually change.

You’ll no longer have to eat to numb your emotions. Your emotions can move through you like the weather because you’ll be connected to a much deeper and stronger place within your own subconscious mind and heart—and you won’t need to eat because you’re bored, lonely, angry, sad or happy.

Rich, sugary, buttery, greasy, oily, salty, sweet or processed food will begin to look disgusting to you.  And the best part is, the strategies I will give you will make it easy! So the fat can melt off your body easily and effortlessly!

And the reason why is pure science. The study of neuroscience tells us that when we change our patterns, new synapses in the brain are forged.  It’s as if we arecreating a new pathway in the mind.  The good news is that our subconscious mind can be re-trained!

So, when you’re no longer eating harmful foods, your body no longer wants to hold on to excess body weight. You start to see yourself and think about yourself and food the way a thin person does naturally.

You see yourself in a new way!

Honestly, I can’t wait to share my method with you. The key to making it work is tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. The obstacles to success are not in your conscious mind. They are in your subconscious.

What are these obstacles? The unproductive habits that have developed over the years—overeating, binge eating, snacking and emotional eating.

The good news is that these habits aren’t carved in stone. They can be broken when you tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

Another obstacle in your subconscious mind is the pleasurable association with the wrong foods.  Why do you associate pleasure with foods like ice-cream and pizza? You may say because they taste good.

Yes, and another reason, that you may not think about consciously, is that you areprogrammed by your past and by the food and advertising industry to associate pizza and ice-cream with fun, happiness, socializing, and relaxation.

So I like to think of hypnosis as reverse advertising. Because you and I are being hypnotized all the time—by the people in our past, the media, the food industry, advertising and politicians.

With my self-hypnosis program, you are taking your power back by filling your subconscious mind with the suggestions that are for your greater good. The suggestions I give you during hypnosis are always to help you to achieve the life of health, happiness and freedom that you are longing for and that you deserve.

This way you can start to choose the food you eat mindfully, consciously with awareness. You’ll no longer be driven by that old voice of doubt or fear that says things like, “At my age and with my hormones, what’s the difference? I might as well just eat what I want.” Or, “Everyone else gets to eat ____________. Why shouldn’t I?” Or, “I’ll start my diet next week.”

Those beliefs just cause you to sabotage yourself.  Your new healthy thoughts will energize you and keep you on track, each day feeling stronger and more energized. And the best part is that you can enjoy food more than ever. There’s absolutely no deprivation.

And that’s because the change is in your brain. We are literally re-training the brain because that’s the only thing that works for permanent weight loss results. And the best part is—it’s fun, relaxing, empowering and peaceful.

Can You Be Hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized but to varying degrees. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go in and out of throughout the day. Surely, you’ve had the experience of driving in your car and missing your exit.

That’s because you went into a “trance” without even being aware of it. You and I are responding to suggestions all day long. When the fast food restaurant’s sign pops out at us while driving in the car, the images and aromas coming from the restaurant actually “hypnotize” us and draw us in.

My Whole Life has Changed

“Before Rena’s weight loss and gastric bypass hypnosis, I ate fast food all of the time and just figured this is how I was going to always look.  Now my attitude with food changed completely.  The very next day after I started the hypnosis I wanted spinach – I actually craved it.  My portions instantly grew smaller and I was satisfied with the smaller portions.

The more I listened to Rena’s audio sessions – the more the voices in my head were positive. It has been over six years and I have found my eating habits to remain healthy.  I have lost a total of 150 lbs.. . . It’s one of the easiest things I have ever done and I am thrilled now when I put my clothes on!  It is the best gift I have ever given myself.”  – Julie Macomb, Michigan

I Never Dreamed This Was Possible For Me

“Rena Greenberg’s program changed my life. In the last three years I have lost 140 lbs. Finally, I got the message that I needed to permanently change my lifestyle and not seek the newest fad. It’s a fabulous Program! Rena never fails to inspire me.”

– Janece

Palm Beach, Florida

Activate Your Inner Power

My program is all about taking your power back, so that your choices are made with consciousness, mindfulness and awareness, always based on how you want your life story to go, not on emotional impulses and habits, that you regret later.

And the wonderful thing about it is, that all the while you can feel energized, happy, alive, free and in control of your life and your habits. If you have struggled with your weight, your body image or food, this course is for you.

I am so excited to be offering to you, for the first time ever, my newest guided online course.

Never before have I worked hand in hand, step by step, over a period of 21 days with a group, to help you to master these life-changing principles and lose weight.

I have always loved working with groups and I’ve had some of my greatest successes with my clients when working in group settings. That’s why I’m very excited about this new 21 day course (plus 6 bonus days) that I have developed to take you on a journey to weight loss with other like-minded, strong, successful, powerful women and men, who are sharing the same goal.

The intention is to put the past behind us and create a new life of health, happiness and freedom, living comfortably, at peace and free at your ideal weight. And I will be guiding you and supporting you, every step of the way.

In the past, the only way to work with me was in a one-time, two hour seminar, on your own with my at-home programs, or with private sessions. But now, we can harness the power of coming together as a community of amazing, spiritual, strong, successful men and women, who want to walk this path to healthy, permanent weight loss together.

And I always say, “Weight loss is the side benefit. The main accomplishment that we are creating is health, happiness and freedom. And I mean freedom from a greedy, manipulative food industry that is “hypnotizing” us to eat food that is toxic to our bodies, and causing us to feel depressed, heavy, anxious and hopeless.

But we can take our power back. And when we do it together—when we stand up to the food industry together—by deciding to make our food choices conscious—we are so much stronger.

This course is about tapping into the deep intelligence and wisdom in the core of your inner mind and heart to transform your life into the life you desire and deserve.

Because here’s the truth: Even if you found the perfect diet out there. Or, if you went ahead and had that bariatric surgery, or found the world’s best trainer to show you how to re-shape your body, no matter what, unless you change the way you think about food subconsciously, the weight is always going to come back on.

Changing the way you think about food subconsciously is the only thing that works and that’s why I am passionate about sharing this program that I have spent years researching and developing, with you.

Overview of the 21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss: 

Gastric Band Self-Hypnosis Guided Course

The core of this exciting, brand new program is my 21-day guided online course consisting of Four Step by Step Training Modules with 21 Days of guided coaching, self hypnosis, a gastric band hypnosis “surgery” session.

These never before seen course videos are jam packed with the information you need to supercharge your results, allowing you to take a quantum leap and achieve permanent, healthy, easy weight loss, in 21 distinct videos with me.  It’s as if you are literally having 21 private sessions with me.

It’s as if I’ll be there with you, taking you by the hand, every step of the way, helping you to re-train your brain to see yourself and your relationship with food in a new way. So that you can feel strong, confident, powerful, happy, loved, loving and lovable and in control of your life and your habits.

21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss: Gastric Band Self Hypnosis kicks off with a High Energy Motivational Opening Group Phone Call, guided by Rena.  This call is recorded so you can listen over and over, at the time that's best for you.

Next, you’ll be receiving on a daily basis, in your email inbox, your daily instructional video, where I’ll be guiding you through the 4 intensive modules, plus the bonus module for a total of 27 daily videos, plus additional bonuses.  In our brand new, completely private, group Face Book page, I’ll be popping in daily with encouragement and proven principles and strategies to help you to succeed.

Take a look at this extensive never before offered guided course...

MODULE ONE: Getting Ready for Permanent Weight Loss

 Here’s what you’ll learn in the first six maximizing your potential videos:

  1. Why Rena Can Help – Powerful Introductory video to set the groundwork and lay the foundation for success.
  2. Setting Your Inner GPS – Get yourself in gear to move in a new direction—leaving the past behind, and setting a new course to success.
  3. Consciously, Make a Decision – A very powerful video lesson to help you to create a new intention to tap into the strongest, wisest part of yourself to insure that success is your only option.
  4. Is Your Pleasure Causing You Pain? – This is one of my favorite lessons because it will help you to pinpoint the deeper reason why you have adopted the eating style you have.
  5. Habits and the Subconscious – What is driving you? In this life-changing video lesson, I will show you how the habits in your subconscious are formed.
  6. What is Hypnosis and How does it Work – Learn how to harness the deeper, life-changing power in your subconscious mind to create the lasting results your heart longs for.

MODULE TWO: Achieving your Weight Loss Potential with Gastric Band Hypnosis

Video #7 –  What is Gastric Band Hypnosis? – In this amazing video, I will show you how this life-changing procedure works and why so many people are talking about it.

Video #8 – Heart Centering Hypnosis Exercise – One of my favorite things is to guide you in a powerful self-hypnosis procedure to connect to the wisdom, strength, love, compassion, beauty, majesty and sacredness in your heart center.

Video #9 – Practicing the Heart Centering Exercise

Learn specific strategies for going deeper with this powerful and energizing Heart Centering Self Hypnosis..

Video #10 – Gastric Bypass Hypnosis TV Success Stories

You’ll meet so many amazing people, just like you, who never dreamed it would be possible to take the weight off and experience the joy of feeling great in their own body.

Video #11 – Pre-Gastric Band Hypnosis (Guided by Rena)

It’s my joy to guide you through a very powerful hypnosis experience where you will actually be preparing yourself, energetically and physically, to receive the gastric band, on your belly

Video #12 – How to Get the Most Benefit from Gastric Bypass Hypnosis

Learn performance-enhancing techniques to assist you in getting the most lasting benefits from your hypnosis sessions with me.

Video #13 – Gastric Band Hypnosis with Rena

In this surgery session, I will be with you as if we were together face to face, one on one, as I guide you in the surgery experience that hundreds of my clients have raved about.

Video #14 – After Thoughts about Gastric Bypass Hypnosis

The virtual “surgery” is really only a symbol of the transformation that will be happening for you at every level of your being.

Module Three: Healthy Eating. Healthy Lifestyle

Video #15 – I love this part of the guided online course!  Discover what food rules make sense for you.

Video #16 – Finding the Best Eating Plan for You

There’s a reason that you haven’t been able to lose weight up until this point and it’s not your fault.

Video #17 – Creating Your Food Map

My clients absolutely love this exercise of creating their own personal food map, instead of being on a diet.

Video # 18 – Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of healthy snack ideas and recipes at your fingertips, for those times when you get a yen for something salty, sweet or creamy?

Video #19 – How to Make Healthy Salad Dressing

Did you know that one of the biggest diet-busters is processed salad dressing? Even the smallest amount of junky dressing can be a trigger and cause you to backslide and go into craving sugar mode.  My healthy, easy-to-make salad dressing is a favorite.

Video #20 – Make Exercise Fun with Self-Hypnosis

Does the thought of moving your body fill you with dread? Or, do you enjoy exercise, but never quite find the time? In this video lesson, I’ll dispel a lot of myths about moving your body, and show you how easy and fun it can be to incorporate activity into your daily routine.

Module Four – Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Video #21 – How to Stop Emotional Eating

How exciting it is to be at day 21 of your permanent weight loss program!  In this video, you’ll learn the steps necessary to stop emotional eating.  I will give you the tools that have worked for my clients, all over the world, to stop the dreaded habit of emotional eating

Here’s What You’ll Receive

The 21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss program will take off with a powerful one-hour coaching call with me. Together, we will set our own individual, private intentions for the life changes that we are drawing to ourselves.  I’m going to take you by the hand and give you the jumpstart you need.

I’ll answer any questions you have, let you know exactly what to expect as you embark on this amazing journey to health and vitality.  The program is designed to support you in transforming your outer self (your body) to match your greatest inner possibilities.

In this first call together, we will gather as a community, ready to embark on this journey of self-love, self-care and self-respect. The call is recorded so that you can return over and over again, to increase your motivation whenever you need to.  I will help you start on the right track, giving you many tips for success and steering you away from the pitfalls to avoid.

Vibrant Online Supportive Community 

Also included is a private Permanent Weight Loss Gastric Band Self Hypnosis Face Book Group. This is 100% private and the only members will be those of us who are taking this course together.  Make lasting friendships and engage in a vibrant online community with women and men from around the globe who are ready to take their life to the next level.  Support is essential in achieving your greater vision for your life.

Here in this safe environment, you can support one another to go even further on your personal development journey and your quest for vibrant health and energy.  I will be actively engaging in this private Face Book group, where each day I will be commenting on the various video module we are working on together.  Additionally, I will be standing with you, providing the mentoring, the structure and the support that will propel you to the level of healthy living success you deeply desire.

I will be giving you practices and reflective questions to help you to go deeper with your inner journey to permanent weight loss, health, freedom and fulfillment.  I will be completely available to answer questions, hold your hand, offer support, cheer your successes and offer encouragement while giving you proven tools to help you succeed.

This group will help you to solidify your commitment to living your best destiny, claiming your own greater health and vitality. The Easy Willpower proven processes and principles will be the focus of this healthy living and healthy eating journey together.

Comprehensive 21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Course Manual and Workbook

Filled with tips and hints for success, this remarkable and complete workbook and guide will be a life-long resource for how to keep your subconscious mind in complete alignment with your permanent weight loss goals.

  • 4 keys to making hypnosis and self-hypnosis work for you, before, during and after the         sessions.
  • Pitfalls to avoid that ensure your absolute success and complete victory over dieting.
  • The most powerful thing you can do to re-train your subconscious mind.
  • 10 essential keys that guarantee your achieving your ideal weight and maintaining it.
  • How to make affirmations work for you and why they haven’t worked in the past.
  • 5 re-programming secrets that will supercharge your results.
  • Behavior modification tools that will make healthy eating, second nature.
  • Dozens of unique and phenomenal tips for eating less, whether alone or in a group, at home or in a restaurant.
  • How to assert yourself with others, especially when you sense sabotage.
  • 3 tricks to making exercise fun and part of your daily routine, no matter how busy you are.
  • Great ways to handle yourself socially when alcohol, caffeine, and other triggers are being served.
  • How to know when a particular food is a trigger for you.
  • Gluten free, dairy free, raw, vegan, Paleo? How to know the best eating plan for you.
  • How to blast through all the nonsense and get to the bottom of what’s true in the world of nutrition and health.
  • Four words the food industry uses to get you to “break your diet” and cause you to fail over and over again.



    It all starts on when you click the button and say "I'm Ready"!

    Plus you’ll receive the following bonuses:

    SIX BONUS VIDEOS – Never Before Released – Value $699

    You’ve heard the expression, save the best for last, and that’s what I’ve done here with this amazing program. These are your six life-changing bonus video topics:

    Bonus Video #1 – Self-Hypnosis to Access Your Inner Strength

    Isn’t it time to re-write your story?  Let go of false beliefs about yourself, your body, your weight, your relationship with food and your life. Break through any barriers to achieving your full potential.  Claim the deeper power within by forging an unshakeable connection to your own inner strength and greater wisdom.

    Bonus Video #2 – What Voice are You Listening to?

    Are you seduced by the voice of doubt or fear?  Are you listening to a voice that’s telling you that you’re not worthy, not good enough, somehow limited? Or does the voice you are listening to deceive you and tell you things like, “You can have just one, and start your diet tomorrow,” or, “It’s no fair. Everyone else gets to eat ________. You should, too.”

    Master a deeper level of listening by connecting to your own higher power center and the true inner voice inside of you, that’s guiding you to your greatest good. Learn a specific strategy for knowing what voice you’re listening to and choosing the only one that can release you from the past, and take you by the hand, to where you want to go.

    Bonus Video #3 – A word about Depression

    This surprising fact about depression will change the way you relate to yourself forever.  Discover the secret to breaking free from lethargy, depression and anxiety by accessing an inner state of power, higher energy and success. Re-claim your own power to be the creator of your own life.

    Bonus Video #4 – Staying on a Healthy Path and Maintaining Your Weight Loss

    By connecting to your deepest truth about who you are and your own worthiness to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, maintaining your new healthy weight can miraculously become second nature and automatic.

    Bonus Video #5 – Success Stories to Inspire

    I’ve been deeply touched by these amazing women and men who share what they went through before they lost the weight and how amazing their lives are now. Undoubtedly, you will see yourself in their motivational stories.  And you’ll come to appreciate their non-judging stance as they encourage you, with caring and compassion—even though they don’t know you personally—to take your chance now while you still have the chance, and totally transform your life.

    Each of these amazing souls was suffering, as you are now, uncomfortable, embarrassed, having tried everything to lose weight and feeling like a complete failure. But they had the courage to try again. They did not give up.

    They finally came to understand that there is no magic pill, potion or diet out there—that the only salvation was in their own deeper mind. They knew that if they could have done it themselves, they already would have. They had the humility to know that they needed help.

    This video will touch you deeply as you realize that you are finally being given the tools to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, re-write the program and unleash your greatest potential to live your life healthy, confident, happy, and at your ideal weight.

    Bonus Video #6 – Believe in Yourself

    Now it’s time to celebrate as you realize that you absolutely can manifest your own destiny.  Already you’re starting to feel lighter, freer, your clothes are looser and you’re more in control of your own life.

    You’re finding new ways of living and letting go of the old barriers and obstacles to expressing yourself fully and authentically without turning to food for comfort.

    Your new, positive eating habits are becoming more and more deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind with each day that passes. It’s actually easy to eat less and exercise more. The foods that used to tempt you now look disgusting to you.

    You never feel like you’re on a diet, you just prefer healthy food.  You now have access to this amazing program forever, giving you the necessary tools to reinforce all your wonderful, new habits.  You’ve opened an inner door and you’ve walked through it. Now it’s time to keep walking.  That’s right – keep going.

    BONUS – Audio Gastric Band Hypnosis Affirmations – Value $39.99

    As a special bonus, you’ll receive powerful audio affirmations that will uplift your reality and expand the vision that you are holding for yourself and for your life.  Listening to these life-affirming affirmations, spoken aloud, over beautiful, melodic music, you will feel energized and empowered to achieve all your weight loss and health goals.

    Eating smaller portions, choosing healthier foods and moving your body freely and joyfully, will become the new normal. The best part is that you can listen to these positive self-talk declarations while you are in the car or while you are doing other things.

    FAST ACTION BONUS – For the first 50 people to register for my program this week, you will also receive my 52 Succulent Sugar Divorce Dessert Recipe Guide. – $39 Value


    That’s right, you’ll receive easy to prepare, delicious recipes that your friends and family will love—absolutely succulent, guilt free desserts.  Discover how delicious
    healthy desserts can taste with no sugar and no artificial sugar, just all natural fruit or dried fruit.

    That’s right, this wonderful guide contains recipes for muffins, healthy “ice-cream,” home-made cookies, cakes, delicious shakes and smoothies and mouth watering, guilt free, healthy treats.  Enjoy all these tasty delights even as you stay on the solid path to weight loss that you are embarking on, without any deprivation or denial.

    Second Fast Action Bonus – Value $99 – In the Kitchen with Rena 1.5 hours of Cooking Class if you register now. This bonus is only available for a limited time.

    Have me right there with you in your kitchen instructing you on how to make wonderful, quick, easy, healthy meals using whole, clean real foods that taste delicious! You’ll have over 1.5 hours of instruction for tasty, simple breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy, delicious snacks.  I’ll show you how to make cooking fun and quick! Free with purchase for a limited time only!

    Eat Veggies. Feel Good. Be Happy

    Inside my Healthy Cooking Class. You’ll Find: #1. Intro and Breakfast #2. Lunch #3. Snacks #4. Healthy Cookies #5. Dinner

    Rena’s Healthy Cooking Class

    • Prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly.
    • Cook healthfully easily and with confidence.
    • I’ll give you clear instructions on how to fix nutritious and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
    • Step-by-step preparation of meals and snacks with me, demonstrated in the kitchen, with easy to follow along recipes.
    • Jam-packed with innovative techniques to make food taste good, without sugar and sodium.
    • Discover new items to bring zest, good taste and nutrients to your meals.
    • Re-energize your life with nutritious food.
    • Shift your perspective and learn to enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, for stamina and health.
    • Dozens of cooking tips whether you are cooking for yourself or for a family.
    • Delicious meals to prepare when you have company, without sabotaging yourself!
    • Easy, quick, on the go snack and meal ideas.

    My intention is to make these fabulous cooking secrets that I’ve put together, over 26 years of eating for health, without sugar and without dieting, easy to access.

    That’s why I’m offering over 1.5 instructional videos absolutely FREE with the purchase of my 21 days to permanent weight loss gastric band self hypnosis guided online course.

    Get your mind straight with gastric band hypnosis for permanent weight loss and at the same time learn a lifetime of amazing cooking techniques to eat healthy, while enjoying every bite, and achieve your highest health possibility!

    All of these bonuses combined are valued at: $877.00

    Are you ready to lose weight without having to diet, take pills or shots, count calories or starve yourself?

    Do you want the confidence to go anywhere and eat anything you want without the fear of losing control?

    Do you want to finally be free of the embarrassment and discomfort of carrying extra weight?

    Do you long to feel attractive, look great in all of your clothes, and be the very best you that you want to be?

    Are you ready to let go of all the extra weight that’s been dragging you down?

    I Love the Way I Feel Now

    “After attending Rena’s weight control hypnosis program at St. John Hospital and using her cds, I lost 81 pounds! I am so pleased with my results. I enjoy food more now than before but now I just prefer healthy food. After Rena’s program, I began eating right, thinking positive and exercising.”

    • Veronica

    Atlanta, Georgia

    I Enjoy Being in Public Again

    “Being a soldier once long ago, I knew what it felt like to look and feel fit.  Easy Willpower helped me realize it’s not just a memory but a goal.  I have since lost 70 lbs.  My family and co-workers can’t believe I have done this well.

    I continue listening to the re-enforcement cd, eat right, and go to the gym regularly.  This has changed my life so much as now I look forward to being out in public again.  Thank you so much!”

    • Josh

    Detroit, Michigan

    Now is the time to say yes to you!  Time is running out! Do you really want to let another year go by, struggling from one diet to the next, losing but only gaining it all back and then some?

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    Imagine waking up in the morning, happy to feel alive, feeling an uncontrollable urge to move your body?

    Imagine your subconscious mind energizing you and sending you impulses to move—to run, jump, dance, like a child, feeling alive and full of hope and happiness? This is so possible for you!

    Picture yourself fitting into your clothes, looking and feeling your best, happy, feeling fulfilled.

    Best of all, imagine yourself with an unshakeable confidence, connected to your inner power, knowing that your subconscious mind is working for you.

    How great you’re going to feel when you’re sitting in a restaurant and just pushing that plate of food away from you, because you are no longer physically hungry.

    Imagine looking at food and immediately knowing how it’s going to make you feel—only putting into your mouth food that nourishes you and energizes you.

    Imagine seeing that every food has a vibration and actually preferring the healthy food that uplifts your vibration.

    Imagine the phrases of assertiveness being on the tip of your tongue.  “No thanks, I’m not hungry.” “Please, the smallest portion for me.” “I’d love to join you, but I have so much to do.”  Feel how good it feels to be assertive and to eat only because you want to, not because you feel pressured socially.

    Imagine feeling great in your own skin, your clothes loose, shopping for and fitting into the outfits that you want to wear.

    Imagine walking into a room, feeling beautiful and confident, feeling younger, healthier and more alive than you’ve felt in a very long time.

    Now is the time to say YES to YOU!

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    21 exclusive never before seen videos in a comprehensive guided online program: 21 Days to Permanent Weight Loss: Gastric Band Self-Hypnosis – Value: $2,450.00

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    6 exclusive fast-track bonus videos with Rena – Value: $699.00

    Gastric Band Affirmation audio download – Value: $39.00

    Rena’s 1.5 hour Healthy Cooking Class – Value: $99.00

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    By registering for the Permanent Weight Loss: Gastric Band Self Hypnosis Course, and taking a stand for yourself, your health, your life and your future, you are making a deep commitment to a powerful level of inner and outer transformation in your life.

    My clients start losing weight, not when they come to their first appointment, but interestingly, the moment they make the phone call or fill out the online form to register.

    It’s natural to feel fear or nervousness about taking this amazing step towards your wholeness.

    In view of that, we at Easy Willpower have found that the best way to support you in your desire to transform your life and break through the limitations of the past is to offer no refunds after you’ve registered.

    However, I do want you to be happy, of course.  If you are not happy with the program, after the first week, I will work with you, personally, and help you to use the tools in a way that personally benefits you.   Also, I will offer an opportunity to repeat the Course at no additional charge, until you get the results you are deserving and longing for.

    To Your Health & Happiness Always,

    Exclusive Permanent Weight Loss Tuition Offer:

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    $3,593.00 For a limited time only: $397 – Guided Online Course

    Introductory low price. Get complete access to the entire 21-day plus bonuses program.



    $5,099.00 For a limited time only: $1,297 – Guided Online Course

    Complete Course plus FOUR Private Sessions with Rena

    Course, plus 4 individual private hypnosis sessions with Rena, over a period of three months, along with free personalized reinforcement hypnosis recordings.

    Rena will help you to break through your own personal obstacles to success, in each of the 4 private one-hour sessions. An unbelievable value!


    About Rena Greenberg

    Since 1990 Rena Greenberg has helped over 200,000 people, all over the world, to lose weight and achieve optimal health. Her ground-breaking wellness seminar for weight control has been reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals and in 100+ major corporations such as Walt Disney World and Home Depot.  Hay House Author, Rena Greenberg’s, clients often say they “owe their lives to her,” because she finds the fastest and easiest ways to help people release subconscious blocks to losing weight and find lasting health, happiness and freedom.

    I Love Shopping for Clothes Now!

    “It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I eat what I want, I just don’t want the same foods anymore. If I have cake, I just want a little bit.  I used to eat a pound of chocolate in one day – now I just don’t want it. I love being 50 pounds lighter.

    I love to exercise now and I look forward to it – it’s not a burden or a chore.  I’m not deprived and I’m not hungry.  When I go out to lunch with my girlfriends, I only eat half and save the rest for the next day, so I’m saving money, too!”


    Morristown, New Jersey

    My pain is gone and I feel so much better!

    “Rena’s gastric bypass hypnosis program is amazing! It made me very aware of what to eat and when to eat. I was able to give up all processed foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and sodas, with little or no effort.

    I love Slender Cider, too. As soon as I started drinking Slender Cider again, my cravings and asthma were gone.

    My doctor couldn’t believe my blood work – its’ so good. She thought she had the wrong chart! I’m exercising now and doing all the things I want to do. My family is so proud of me!”

    • Barbara

    Tampa, Florida

    Celebrity Praise for Rena

    “Rena Greenberg offers hope to anyone losing control to addiction. She is a wonderful resource for personal growth and transformation“

    Dr. Caroline Myss

      //  NY Times Best-Selling Author

    “Rena Greenberg provides the help that many people have been praying for.”

    Marianne Williamson

      // NY Times Best-Selling Author

    “Its all here, Rena gives everything anyone needs to know to lose weight and keep it off joyfully and healthfully.”

    Dr. Christiane Northrup

      //  NY Times Best-Selling Author

    “Rena Greenberg’s guidance can help you to nourish the divine child within you in ways that will lighten your mind, body and spirit”

    Dr. Bernie Siegel

      //  NY Times Best-Selling Author

    “Rena’s work is empowering. She provides user-friendly tools to help override primitive desires and facilitate better choices. Her tools will help you redirect your motivations – for the better.”

    David Perlmutter, MD

      //  Author, #1 New York Times Bestseller, Grain Brain

    “Rena clearly articulates ways to overcome sugar addictions and the emotional triggers for eating.”

    Candace Pert, Ph.D

      //  NY Times Best-Selling Author

    “America is suffering from an epidemic of obesity. Rena offers a way out- a natural, sane approach.”

    Larry Dossey, M.D

      //  Author of Power Of Prayer


    $3,593.00 For a limited time only: $397 – Guided Online Course

    Introductory low price. Get complete access to the entire 21-day plus bonuses program.



    $5,099.00 For a limited time only: $1,297 – Guided Online Course

    Complete Course plus FOUR Private Sessions with Rena

    Course, plus 4 individual private hypnosis sessions with Rena, over a period of three months, along with free personalized reinforcement hypnosis recordings.

    Rena will help you to break through your own personal obstacles to success, in each of the 4 private one-hour sessions. An unbelievable value!