1. What if I have tried hypnosis before?

Each experience with hypnosis is completely unique. There are so many factors at play that determine your hypnotic experience. First of all, it is important that you feel comfortable in the situation. No two experiences with hypnosis are exactly alike because your ability to relax and concentrate changes even from moment to moment.

At Easy Willpower we do everything to insure your hypnotic experience is easy, comfortable and effective. Rena brings you fascinating hypnotic experiences to help you achieve your deepest heart’s desire.

Rena’s unique combination of Subconscious Imprinting Techniques – hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, behavior modification and heart intelligence training, makes the Easy Willpower program very unique and incredibly effective

2. Can anyone be hypnotized?

Anyone with average or above average intelligence can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a natural process that occurs in almost everyone from time to time. The only person who cannot be hypnotized is someone who has a physical or psychological impairment, which prevents them from relaxing and concentrating.

Anyone who has the desire and motivation to use hypnosis to change their life for the better can do so. Only someone who is willing can be hypnotized. It is possible to accomplish long desired goals by using the power of the subconscious mind in hypnosis.

One thing that is important to remember is that hypnosis is a consent state.
You have to allow yourself to be hypnotized. This is why we sometimes hear people say “I couldn’t be hypnotized” No one can be hypnotized against their will.

Hypnosis is like a massage. Hypnosis can be compared to a mental massage. Just as in a physical massage no one can force you to relax those muscles, also in hypnosis no one can force you to relax. But with desire, anyone can be hypnotized.

As far as going to the deepest levels, some people need to practice more than others. Hypnosis is a skill, much like playing the piano. Some people have a natural talent and go very deep the first time, and other people need to practice to get to the deepest levels. You cannot force yourself to be hypnotized. You simply allow yourself to be hypnotized.

3. Will I forget everything in the session?

Most people remember everything that happens in the hypnotic session. Hypnosis is like dreaming consciously to reach your highest dreams.

4. What if I don’t wake up?

Hypnosis is not a sleep state. It is a state of relaxed alertness, similar to day dreaming. It usually produces more focused concentration and much deeper relaxation. You cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis.

If you got so relaxed that you did in fact fall asleep, you would just wake up normally, as you would from natural sleep. If you’ve ever driven down the highway and missed your exit, because your conscious mind was lost in a daydream, you have experienced an everyday example of hypnosis.

5. Can hypnosis make me tell secrets or make me do something against my will?

Absolutely not. You will not reveal intimate secrets while hypnotized. Hypnosis is simply the ability to exchange one belief (a limiting one) for another (a more positive, beneficial one). You would NOT do anything in hypnosis that you wouldn’t do normally. You will only act on those suggestions that fit with your personality and wishes. In fact, in order to be hypnotized you have to be willing. If you don’t want to experience hypnosis, you won’t experience hypnosis. Hypnosis is an extremely pleasant state.

6. Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is very safe. You are always in control. The hypnotist only makes suggestions, which the subject can choose to follow or ignore. A few minutes of hypnosis can feel equal to a few hours of sleep.

The ‘side effects’ of hypnosis are all positive – a greater sense of well being, lower heart rate, less tension, more energy. In hypnosis you are always in complete control. If at any time you wanted to come out of hypnosis, you could, but the hypnotic state is so pleasant, most people prefer to stay in hypnosis until they are told to come out of it.

7. What makes this program so unique?

It’s the combination of all these aspects of the program that have made it one of the most popular tools for weight loss and smoking cessation available. For example, let’s say you have a strong picture in your mind that eating cookies gives you comfort. Trying to change that picture on your own using willpower usually won’t get you very far, since this picture has most likely been with you for a very long time.

Also, on a certain level, the cookies do bring you comfort, or you wouldn’t keep eating them. (NLP pre-supposition: every behavior has a positive intention).

Through the power of Rena’s unique hypnosis , we can break that pleasurable association you subconsciously are holding onto, and replace it with a new picture of the greater pleasure you’ll start to experience when your life is free from sugar (or nicotine) addiction.

The powerful combination of hypnotic and neuro linguistic programming techniques we use at Easy Willpower hypnosis truly imbed the new image of yourself deep into your mind – so that you’ll start acting on this new, positive way of relating to yourself immediately.

You’ll find yourself thinking and behaving in new ways that are truly supporting the deep desire that you hold for your life.

In addition, as you learned earlier, scientific research has begun to show that the system of the heart actually overrides the brain. By incorporating Heart Intelligence Training into the Easy Willpower hypnosis , we are taking the success to a whole new level. When you learn to access the incredible power, love, compassion and wisdom within your very own heart, you are able to achieve goals that you may never have dreamed possible.

Your brain may say to you, “You’ll never be thin. You have no willpower.” You’ll quickly begin to see how false these inner voices are as you are guided into your own heart, where the real strength to break through your addictions and unproductive habits lies.

Heart Intelligence Training is one of the most innovative and direct ways to get in touch with your own innate, internal power – and break free from past limitations for good. As your thoughts and feelings about yourself change, your new positive behaviors quickly become automatic.

Over 70% of our new hypnosis participants are referred to us by satisfied and loyal customers. As one woman who lost 70 lbs. with our program told us, “I had spent thousands of dollars trying in vain to lose weight. After attending your program the weight came off easily. There was no more struggle. I only wish I had found you first!” Our commitment is to help as many people as we can to lose weight and stop smoking and step into a greater experience of life. Thank you for letting us help you too!

8. What is Heart Intelligence Training?

Did you know that neuroscientists have now discovered that there are over 40,000 nerve cell (neurons) in the heart alone, indicating that the heart has its own independent nervous system and it’s own innate logic? This is sometimes called the brain in the heart. Did you know that the heart has an electromagnetic energy field 5,000 times greater than that of the brain?

Did you know that the heart begins to beat in the unborn fetus even before the brain is formed? The heart has it’s own innate intelligence, beyond that of the mind, that we can tap into to transform our lives. When the brain sends information to the body regarding emotional responses, all the body organs respond accordingly – except the heart.

The heart’s own intelligence overrides the impulses it is being sent from the brain–it makes its own “decision” and sends that information back to the brain. The information sent from the heart to the brain can have a profound effect on the brain’s functions.

Studies have shown that there are profound positive effects on our lives when there is coherence in the rhythmic patterns of heart rate (when the heart rate is smooth and regular). The heart influences the brain strongly via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways.

Because these influences affect the brain and all the organs on the body, the state of our heart determines the quality of life for each of us. How do we change the rhythms of the heart? Heart Intelligence Training helps you to become aware of the effect of your emotions on your heart and open to a completely new way of relating to yourself.

When you are engaging in behaviors that cause you to sabotage your deepest heart’s desire for yourself, you are creating an incoherent pattern within your own heart. You could say that at some level you are “breaking your own heart.”

However the Heart Intelligence Training aspect of Rena Greenberg’s innovative method for personal change will shift your focus from self-sabotage to self-love and self-respect. You will learn to literally open your heart to yourself and your deep desire to live your life to a greater potential – free from addiction.

9. What is Behaviour Modification?

Behavior modification simply means changing your behaviors. Drinking more water, eating and enjoying water-rich, unprocessed, natural foods, choosing smaller portions, leaving food on your plate and increasing your activity level. These are all behaviors that you already know are necessary to achieve success. After the hypnosis , you will be motivated to actually do these behaviors automatically. The Easy Willpower hypnotherapeutic technique creates the shift necessary to keep you from having to force yourself to take certain actions—to feeling compelled to do the behaviors that will lead you to your goal.

10. What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a science that helps you to change unhealthy traits and replace them with positive thoughts and behavior patterns that promote health and well-being. The neurolinguistic programming at the hypnosis will help you alter the inner pictures and voices that are causing you to sabotage yourself and continue with behavior that is harmful to yourself.

NLP presupposes that people have all the resources they need within themselves, but that we only need to learn to access them. It also pre-supposes that behind every behavior is a positive intention. You are overeating, binging, snacking or emotional eating as a way to fill a need.
Perhaps the reason you are eating in an unproductive way is to help you relax, energize or nurture yourself. Once you discover the reason behind your unproductive eating behaviors – you can find new, healthy ways to fill those needs. In the past, you may have tried to do that using your conscious mind alone. That is generally a losing battle.

Rena Greenberg’s Easy Willpower hypnosis will teach you how to tap into your deepest potential for change: your own inner mind and heart. These tools will give you a wonderful way to nurture, relax and energize yourself without needing to turn to food!

11. What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep physical relaxation and focused concentration. In that state the subconscious mind is more available for suggestions. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state. In fact, we all go in and out of a light state of hypnosis throughout the day without even being aware of it.

For example, every morning when you wake up and every night when you fall asleep you naturally pass through a state of hypnosis. Maybe you can relate to a Sunday morning when you didn’t have to be anywhere in particular. You had woken up, but you weren’t wide-awake yet…you weren’t asleep anymore either. You were just resting in that very pleasant in between state.

And in that state you could hear a phone ringing, or a dog barking, but you were just so relaxed – you didn’t respond to any of it. You could have if you wanted to, but instead you chose to just hang out in that very pleasant, relaxed hypnotic state. That is an example of a light state of hypnosis.

Aside from being a natural state, hypnosis is also a very powerful state. It has been used for anesthesia – dental and surgical anesthesia. It has been used for childbirth. You may even know of someone who has successfully lost weight, stopped smoking, or overcome a fear or a phobia through the use of the hypnotic method. Although it’s a natural state, hypnosis is an incredibly powerful state.

12. Will I be aware of the shifts you speak about?

Some people tell us that Rena’s hypnosis in itself is a life-changing experience, immediately. For other people, the benefits are more subtle and they only become aware of the impact of the program when they notice that they are responding in a completely new way to the old stimuli. For example, one client called us up and most enthusiastically told us that she left on a cruise a few days after the hypnosis, and to her amazement, she found that the food was of little concern to her.

She only went up to the buffet one time, and didn’t seem to care either way. She was thrilled since prior to that she had always considered herself “obsessed with food.” We hear stories like that all the time! What the Easy Willpower hypnosis does is change the deep-seated self-image we all carry of ourselves. When you see and know yourself to be strong, in control of your life and your eating habits, and loving and respectful of your self and your body – your behavior begins to reflect that.

13. I’ve been overeating or smoking for most of my life. How will the new behaviours become automatic?

That’s the beauty of the Easy Willpower advanced method created by Rena Greenberg. Using a blend of cutting-edge hypnotic, neuro-linguistic, behavior modification and heart intelligence training techniques, your deeper mind can be completely reprogrammed to do the behaviors that will lead to the results you want for yourself. Your conscious mind wants to be thin.

But the conscious part of your mind only represents 10% of your capabilities. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that lies the huge iceberg of consciousness known as the subconscious. It is only within the subconscious mind that true, lasting change can occur.

14. How does it work?

Consciously, you very much want to achieve your ideal weight and live your life healthy and fit, or live your life smoke-free. But subconsciously you still associate pleasure with the “wrong” foods or cigarettes, and pain with “healthy” foods and exercise.

The purpose of Rena Greenberg’s Easy Willpower program is to completely change your perceptions of the foods you eat and your ability and desire to do physical exercise.

You’ll start to prefer healthier foods and be completely turned off to foods that are poisonous to your system, or to the cigarettes. You’ll start to look forward to the time of day when you “get” to move your body, rather than dreading “having to exercise”.

Willpower will be easy because you’ll no longer need it. When your thoughts about food or cigarettes change, your new, healthy eating and lifestyle habits will become automatic. There’ll be no more struggle – no more fighting against yourself.

15. What is Subconscious Imprinting Technique?

Subconscious Imprinting Technique is a combination of the most innovative techniques for personal change available. After over twenty-five years in the field of personal growth-helping thousands of people to lose weight and stop smoking permanently-Rena Greenberg has put together an incredibly unique and effective program. Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT 4 Success) blends the best of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), behavior modification techniques and heart-intelligence training.
Our commitment is to help as many people as we can to lose weight and stop smoking and step into a greater experience of life. Thank you for letting us help you too!

16. What Is Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery?

Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery is a process where Rena guides you through a powerful hypnotic experience that is simulating the actual bariatric surgery. During the process, you will virtually go to a hospital, meet your nurse, surgeon and anesthesiologist and go through the procedure of having a band placed on your stomach, surgically.

You will feel as if you are actually having gastric bypass surgery, but with no risk, no side-effects and without spending thousands of dollars. Most people say after the “surgery” they feel very good, relaxed and excited, and physically they feel a tightening of their stomach.

After the “surgery” you can eat regular foods, you don’t need to be on any special diet, but you will eat less and healthier foods. The suggestions are that you will eat 5-7 spoonfuls or forkfuls at a time, and eat only when you are physically hungry. Some people say they really feel like their stomach is smaller—the size of a golf ball.

17. There are criteria to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Any criteria for the hypnosis? Any contraindications?

Anyone who wants to lose weight can benefit from gastric bypass hypnosis surgery. However, if someone only has 10-15 lbs to lose, though there’d be no harm in doing gastric bypass hypnosis, it’s unlikely that it would be very believable to the subconscious mind of that person because it’s not anything that individual would most likely consider doing.

An exception to that is a woman who came to see Rena after she had actual bariatric surgery and due to a complication had to have it reversed. Though she only had 20 lbs. to lose, she took very well to the gastric bypass hypnosis.

Each experience is unique depending on the person – but in general, the mind fantasy in hypnosis (meaning the end goal you are working on) should be believable to the individual, for it to have a lasting benefit. So, for example, a hypnotic experience of walking on the moon may be profound but most likely not believable for the average person.

However, Rena’s easy willpower hypnosis and gastric bypass hypnosis is only beneficial. All the suggestions are very positive and empowering. A contraindication would be a very low IQ or some forms of mental illness, where a person cannot sit still or focus at all. Again, in these cases, though there would be absolutely no harm, it’s unlikely that the person with a low IQ would benefit.

18. I would like to fully understand the experience. Would it be ok for me to go through the program? I could lose 10 pounds, but that’s about it.

Yes, it would be absolutely fine for you to go through the program even though you only have 10 lbs. to lose, if it’s something you want to do. The hypnosis is very enjoyable and relaxing, and would only help reinforce the idea that “small portions satisfy you completely,” and that you are happy to “chew your food slowly and enjoy every bite,” that you, “prefer healthy, nutritious foods,” and “eat only when you are physically hungry,” etc.

19. Are there any side effects or risks?

All the side effects are positive: improved self-esteem, happier feelings, improved relationships, greater energy, better concentration and focus, more assertiveness, better sleep, less tension and stress.

20. How long does it take to go through the surgery hypnosis program?

Rena offers a face to face program which is three days (usually consecutive) with follow up sessions after that (this can be done at my office in Sarasota, Florida or over the phone or Skype). With the personalized gastric bypass hypnosis program with Rena, you would also receive her at home system to reinforce your personalized session, plus Rena’s McGraw-Hill book, The Craving Cure, which should be used in conjunction with it (for at least thirty days following the sessions).

Rena’s at-home gastric bypass hypnosis cd system is done at your own pace. The first two cds should be played within a few days of each other, where you actually go through the gastric bypass hypnosis “surgery” in the comfort on your own home, virtually.

The follow up cds that come with the program need to be done every day following that session, for at least 30 days, for 30 minutes a day, so that the new, positive suggestions can be deeply imbedded in the subconscious and new, positive eating habits can take root. The Gastric Bypass Surgery Affirmation cd can be played anytime, In the car or while you are doing other things, so the suggestions are constantly being absorbed by the subconscious mind.

21. How long do the results last? Do you need to repeat the program?

The results can last for years. Rena has been doing weight loss hypnosis for 26 years and has had many people lose over 100 lbs and keep it off for 10-15 years or more. You will always have the cds after you work together or if you do the at-home system and you can always repeat it, if you feel that you need to.

Many people who have had long-term benefits with Rena’s weight loss hypnosis, say that Rena’s voice becomes their inner voice and making healthier choices and pushing food away becomes their new normal behavior. Reinforcement is always helpful and Rena teaches a daily practice of self-hypnosis that can be done anytime, anywhere.

22. What kind of support does the person need after they’ve gone through the program?

After someone has gone through the gastric bypass hypnosis program with Rena, she is available for e-mail support and sharing on the Community Forum at EasyWillpower.com, on an on-going basis. Our regular newsletter that anyone can sign up for at EasyWillpower.com always contains an inspirational article or video that teaches a self-hypnosis or life-improvement technique. Phone support is available as well.

23. I’ve never been hypnotized. The thought is a little scary to me, but I can see the huge benefits of this program. What do you tell people to help them feel safe about self-hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation and focused concentration. In that state, the subconscious mind is more available to suggestion. The suggestions Rena gives are all positive and beneficial. We go in and out of a light state of hypnosis each day, when we are falling asleep at night and when we wake in the morning. It’s that very pleasant, in-between state, where you are aware of everything and everyone around you, but you just don’t want to move. You could move if you wanted to, but if feels so good to stay where you are.

It’s the same state that makes the time fly by when you are on a long drive. One hour can feel like only 5 minutes have passed. In that state, the subconscious mind is available for suggestion.

With all the Easy Willpower programs, the suggestions are about looking and feeling your best, having great energy, feeling productive and happy, preferring healthy, nutritious food, being turned off to harmful food, and reaching your goals and dreams.

Everyone can be hypnotized but to varying degrees, depending on your ability to relax and concentrate at that particular time. Each time with hypnosis is different, depending on how comfortable you are in the setting and your rapport with the hypnotherapist.

No one can be hypnotized against their will. Why would a person block hypnosis? Possibly, because of the way the media has portrayed hypnosis over the years. We’ve heard people say, “I don’t want someone to control my mind,” but that notion is completely false. With Rena’s hypnosis weight loss program, we believe you are gaining control because you are finally receiving the suggestions that are for your greater good, rather than all the suggestions we are constantly bombarded with from our environment.

Hypnosis is like a mental massage. Just like with a physical massage you have to be open and receptive to receive a benefit—you can’t just clench your muscles and stare at the ceiling—so too, with hypnosis, you have to allow yourself to receive the mental massage of positive suggestion. It’s not so much that you have to believe in anything as much as just being open to it.

We can all be hypnotized because we are constantly thinking in pictures all day long, whether we are aware of it or not. We are hypnotized by our memories, by the media, by advertising and the voices of others that linger from the past. With Rena’s hypnosis program, you are taking your ability to program your subconscious mind and using that ability for your greater good by implanting new, positive, empowering, productive suggestions for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

24. What happens if you don’t like the effects and want to un-hypnotize yourself?

If you didn’t reinforce the positive suggestions and behaviors, over time, you would naturally become un-hypnotized for beneficial results.
Unfortunately, the natural default of the human mind is negative, so unless we are reinforcing positive messages, images and suggestions (as given to you in Rena’s hypnosis program), you will most likely default to the negative. You can’t “un-hypnotize” yourself from life, but you could just go back to your old way of being, if you really wanted to. All you’d have to do is constantly negate the positive feelings and images in your mind that Rena would implant there for you.

Most people after experiencing the true freedom and bliss of health and control over eating habits don’t ever want to go back and therefore maintain the benefits, even if those benefits are just no longer drinking diet soda or eliminating any other problem behavior.

25. Which kind of surgery is simulated?

Lap band surgery. You will actually feel like there is a band on your belly preventing you from overeating, and though you can eat what you want, people say they just prefer small portions of healthier foods after the gastric bypass hypnosis surgery.