Like many of my clients, Terry thought that the best way to lose weight was to stop eating carbs. Of course, that’s not possible without feeling deprived.  So over and over, he would give himself a cheat day, which would end up leading to a cheat week and before he new it, to a full on binge. Then, since he has a fast food business, Terry would eat junk all day long. He was miserable carrying around almost 100 lb. of extra weight.

He was very skeptical when I told him that with my Sugar Divorce plan there was no diet to follow—the only rule was staying away from triggers and eating the fat burning foods I told him about.  I also told him that we were going to re-train his brain to prefer healthy food.  “How are you going to do that?” he asked skeptically.  I told him that the first step in quitting sugar and getting that final Sugar Divorce is to cleanse your attachments to harmful foods and that I would give him a powerful technique to do just that.

He thought he had all the answers—that he already knew how to lose weight– but since he had tried everything including starving himself & eliminating carbs & nothing worked, he was willing to give it a shot.

 I gave him my easy 2-step sugar divorce and fat burning method and when he left my office, he started losing weight immediately.  He was so happy when he ended up losing a total of 90 lb. and he’s kept it off.  After the first 65 lb., he went on ABC-TV’s The List with me, to share his great success.  He feels fantastic now and can’t believe all the tasty food he gets to eat.