Are you a diet perfectionist?  

I spent thousands of dollars and years of my life, looking outside myself for someone (whether it was a healer/doctor, a lab test, or a philosophy) to tell me what I should and should not eat.

After all that time, I came to realize that there is no absolute perfect diet or eating plan that someone else can give us. It’s up to each of us to discover the foods that are best for ourselves.

On a conscious level, meaning with your analytic, critical mind, I understand that it can be very confusing.  There are so many choices to be made these days, and so much information, it’s hard to know what foods lead to permanent, healthy weight loss.

But on the other hand, there are a few keys that are obvious.


Key #1:  The first realization on the road to losing weight is that our bodies weren’t meant to assimilate processed foods.

Processed foods, even “healthy, gluten-free” ones, are created in a laboratory—far from nature—by a self-serving food industry that has infiltrated our planet.


Why a Food Binge is Imminent

The problem is, most likely you are in the habit of eating these unhealthy foods. Even if it’s not on a daily basis, it’s likely that you are expecting yourself at any point to “cheat” and go off the deep end with your food choices.

That’s why it’s essential that you take steps to prevent that from happening.

How? Decide in advance what foods you want to eat on a daily basis, because these are the foods that are most nourishing and healing for you. Write them down.


Key #2: Creating a Food Map©

couple in the kitchenNext, create a list of foods (in a column marked “moderation”) that you give yourself permission to eat when you are yearning for more than just your normal “healthy” food, but you don’t want to derail your healthy eating lifestyle, with obvious deal-breakers.

Perhaps the “moderation” list foods aren’t the absolute best for you, but eating them in temperance will prevent you from EVER eating foods that are not-an-option-trigger foods.

The final list on your Food Map© is the list of foods you will not eat ever because indulging in these toxic foods will put you back at square one—a painful place you don’t want to ever re-visit.

Here’s why this works.  We know perfectionism isn’t possible.

We also must admit it’s likely that at some point you will crave something other than protein and vegetables. That’s why it’s necessary for you to know in advance which foods you can “get away with” in small amounts that won’t derail you.

You can tap into the power in your subconscious mind, to cultivate a keen awareness of which of these foods you can have regularly, on a daily basis, in balance, and which items are moderately safe, but only on occasion.


Diet or No-Diet

Eating the foods in your “moderation” column would be INSTEAD of going back to toxic, chemical filled harmful foods.

The problem up to this point is that you have always vacillated between two extremes — rigid diets and anything goes.

For a lifetime of success, it’s necessary to land right in the middle, where you can live a life of balanced, nutritious eating.

Hypnosis practiced daily will help you to see yourself in a new way (confident, and in control of your life) and creating new habits such as eating only when you are physically hungry and being turned off to harmful foods.


Key #3: Adding an Alkalizing Aid

Rena drinking Slender Cider

Check out Slender Cider to alkalize, cleanse and energize

Slender Cider can help you to physically be free of cravings for the wrong foods, by gently alkalizing and cleansing.


Key #4: Getting Real

In all areas of life, we have to learn what works. We have to become very mindful of what corners we can get away with cutting and still get great results, and what actions will down the road cause failure and pain.

This area of your life—food, health and weight—is no different. By knowing what you can get away with and what you can’t, armed with the understanding that being perfect is not possible, you can absolutely make a decision to stick to action steps and choices that won’t sabotage your results.

If you were driving from NY to Los Angeles and saw signs for Canada, wouldn’t you turn around?

In this area of your life, when you see signs that you are moving much further from your goal, what do you do?

Do you fall into a victim mentality, and keep going towards the edge of the cliff, stuffing harmful foods into your mouth, all the while berating yourself?

If so, why?


Key #5: The Cause Behind Your Bad Eating Habits

It boils down to the pleasurable associations with the wrong foods in your subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you reprogram your inner mind.

Mindful hypnotherapy accomplishes this by helping to turn you off to harmful foods you do not want to eat anymore, and turning you on to the healthy foods that nourish, beautify and sustain you.

You can change your pleasurable associations with the wrong foods, but that will not happen as long as you keep eating them.

It is for this reason that you want to eliminate your own trigger foods. Not because they are “bad” or “good” “healthy” or “un-healthy,” but rather for the simple reason that as long as you keep putting them in your mouth, you will want them.

As long as you keep seeing your ex-lover, you will be drawn back in.  But when you muster up your strength and courage to break away, the reward is you attain freedom.


Key #6: Freedom vs. Weight Loss

This is why I suggest that for the time being, you let go of your obsession with losing weight and instead focus on being free. That will allow you to drop the foods that are keeping you imprisoned in a cycle of self-hate, followed by a fleeting moment of “pleasure,” resulting in a tsunami of despair.

It’s time to wake up to the fact that you wouldn’t wish this painful cycle on your worst enemy. Only you can free yourself.  Hypnosis is the most powerful tool I know to re-program yourself to see yourself and your relationship with food in a new and healthy way.

The key? Practice daily. Just like the road trip from LA to NYC takes time, in all areas of our lives we inch closer and closer to our own goals until we attain them. It’s only when you keep turning back to square one that you lengthen your journey (and your suffering) unnecessarily.


Rena talks about perfectionism with foodIs One Cookie, OK?

So, it’s true that “one little cookie won’t hurt you,” but it very well could set you back immeasurably if for you, this cookie is a trigger food.

The cookie could be a trigger food for some and not for others. That’s why each person needs to set their own “food rules.” Know thyself, as Socrates advised. I would add, “and act accordingly.”

You can do this!  It’s time to get in the driver’s seat and set yourself free.

It’s time to empower yourself to live a life of self-love, self-respect and self-care.

One of the keys is to keep holding out for yourself a vision of a much happier life for yourself, knowing you deserve it and that it’s absolutely possible.

Please reach out to me for support any time.

To Your Health & Happiness,