Veronica, who lost 80 lb. with my sugar divorce program, was so happy to tell me that she’s actually eating more food now than she used to eat, but because the food she’s eating now is healthy and unprocessed, she’s losing weight! She eats everything she loves but just eats less.

“I’m actually enjoying food more now than ever before. With Rena’s Sugar Divorce program, I love that there’s no diet to follow. Now I just think about food in a new way. It’s as if a re-set button has been pushed in my brain,” Veronica says.

What Veronica loved best was how her co-workers were noticing a difference in her and asking her, “Did you lose weight?”  She loved the positive attention!  When she stopped counting calories and started following the sugar divorce method, the fat melted off her body and she was thrilled.

So how can you eat more food and lose weight? It doesn’t make sense.  Veronica wanted an explanation.  I explained to her that it’s all about keeping your blood sugar steady. There are a few hormones that play a role in weight loss but the most important one is insulin.

When you eat sugar—in any form—your body produces insulin. When you have too much insulin, it causes you to end up with low blood sugar. When you have too little insulin in your bloodstream, it gives you high blood sugar.

Both situations keep you out of balance. Symptoms may be dizziness, being moody, irritable, ravenously hungry, indecisive, angry, weak or tired. So you see that the foods you eat affect you mentally, physically and emotionally.

But the worst part is that insulin is a fat storing hormone, so not only does the insulin make you hungrier but it stores the food that you are eating as fat. That’s why it’s so challenging to lose weight and keep it off when you’re eating processed sugary foods. But the more you eat those kinds of foods the more you want them.  And the cycle goes on and on.

The only way to stop this fat producing roller coaster, get your sugar divorce and lose weight permanently, is to change the way you think about food subconsciously so you prefer healthy food and eat only fat burning foods that keep your blood sugar steady and balanced—in the zone.

So many of my clients tell me that with my simple 2-step Sugar Divorce process they actually start losing weight while they are enjoying all the healthy, delicious food they get to eat.  How’d they do it?

All they needed was a new mental movie in their minds—a new way of seeing and speaking to themselves about food, sort of like reverse advertising. They were finally able to change their unconscious beliefs about food that were keeping them stuck.

Sugar Divorce is a powerful method and it doesn’t even start with your mouth. That’s right, it starts way before you even see that Sweetie.  My method starts in your brain.

The first step to getting your sugar divorce is to follow a simple strategy to re-train your brain. That’s right. You actually change your thinking so that you don’t want the harmful foods anymore.

And, that’s freedom.  You deserve to be free and no longer controlled by a greedy, manipulative food industry. It’s never too late to change the faulty thinking that got you the results you don’t want.  With the right tools and strategy, it’s absolutely possible.  You are in charge of your life and your habits!