Cooking Class


World Renowned Hypnotherapist.

Have Rena right there with you in your kitchen instructing you on how to make wonderful, quick, easy, healthy meals using whole, clean real foods that taste delicious! You’ll have over 1.5 hours of instruction for tasty, simple breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy, delicious snacks.  Rena makes cooking fun and quick!


Eat Veggies. Feel Good. Be Happy

Inside Rena’s Healthy Cooking Class. You’ll Find:

  • #1. Intro and Breakfast
  • #2. Lunch
  • #3. Snacks
  • #4. Healthy Cookies
  • #5. Dinner


Rena’s Healthy cooking class


  • Prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly.
  • Cook healthfully easily and with confidence.
  • Rena gives clear instructions on how to fix nutritious and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • Step-by-step preparation of meals and snacks with Rena, demonstrated in the kitchen, with easy to follow along recipes.
  • Jam-packed with innovative techniques to make food taste good, without sugar and sodium.
  • Discover new items to bring zest, good taste and nutrients to your meals.
  • Re-energize your life with nutritious food.
  • Shift your perspective and learn to enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, for stamina and health.
  • Dozens of cooking tips whether you are cooking for yourself or for a family.
  • Delicious meals to prepare when you have company, without sabotaging yourself!
  • Easy, quick, on the go snack and meal ideas.

Rena’s intention is to make these fabulous cooking secrets that she has put together, over 26 years of eating for health, without sugar and without dieting, easy to access. That’s why she’s offering over 1.5 instructional videos.

Get your mind straight with gastric bypass hypnosis for permanent weight loss and at the same time learn a lifetime of amazing cooking techniques to eat healthy, while enjoying every bite, and achieve your highest health possibility!

Are you ready to lose weight without having to diet, take pills or shots, count calories or starve yourself?
Do you want the confidence to go anywhere and eat anything you want without the fear of losing control?
Do you want to finally be free of the embarrassment and discomfort of carrying extra weight?
Do you long to feel attractive, look great in all of your clothes, and be the very best you that you want to be?
Are you ready to let go of all the extra weight that’s been dragging you down?

Is There a Secret to

Achieving Permanent Slenderness?

Consciously, you already know how to lose weight. . . You probably could write your own book about weight loss! But how do you find the energy to follow through . . . especially when you are under stress  . . . have concerns about your job . . . caring for others . . . .dealing with family and work issues . . . . . . or have no time or energy . . .the list of obstacles is endless . . .

How do you keep those extra pounds from creeping on and staying on?

Here’s one thing that’s clear    . . .

If you want to lose weight permanently so you never have to diet or think about food issues again, then you are going to have to do something different.

You can’t lose weight permanently by doing the same things that you’ve done in the past.

If you are wondering, “What will I eat?” then Rena in the Kitchen is a must-have for you. Over 1.5 hours, Rena will show you step by step how to make quick, easy, delicious and healthy weight loss meals and snacks, so that you never have to diet again!

How do you Lose Weight

so it Stays Off?



What if you had a brand new perspective on your weight, your life and your eating habits? What if you were able to really start to care for and see your self and your body in a new way?

What if you were so motivated and focused that nothing could stop you?

Dieting is a short term situation . . . the minute you go on the diet,

you are waiting to go off it  . . .

. . . The only way to have success over the long term is to change the way you think about food subconsciously so eating right is second nature and automatic, So you never have to diet again!

Learn how to cook healthy meals so that cooking is fun and easy with 1.5 hours with Rena in the Kitchen.

Now, you can learn how to do that with Rena’s Healthy Cooking Class and Gastric Bypass Hypnosis.

You’ll see results quickly and easily!