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The Doctors Show: 120 lb. Weight Loss

Rena Greenberg on The Doctors Show with Kathy who lost 120 lbs. with Rena Greenberg’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis cds! Watch Kathy’s amazing story as she shares it with Dr. Travis on The Doctors

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Scott lost 65 lb. with Gastric Band Hypnosis

Scott lost 65 pounds with gastric band hypnosis. Take a look as he shares his incredible results in this short 30 second video. Scott’s weight loss has caused his whole life to change for the better.

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Scott Loses 38 lb. in 30 days

I can’t wait to share with you Scott’s success with my gastric bypass hypnosis. Scott came down from New Jersey to spend a few days and do the gastric bypass hypnosis program with me. Here

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Jane gets to her goal weight!

Here’s part II of Jane’s amazing weight loss success story using my gastric bypass hypnosis at home program: “Amazing!  I lost 30 lb. with Rena’s gastric bypass hypnosis cds, and

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“I No Longer Want Any Sweets”

“Since my gastric bypass hypnosis with Rena, I am thinking right for the first time. Before I was eating to cope with stress and to fill myself up. Now, I only eat when I’m hungry and I don’t even

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