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Raise Yourself Up!

Do you spend countless hours fantasizing about “pleasuring” your body with food only to have the fantasies culminate in a binge you later regret and suffer over? What if you could control the destiny

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New Year’s Resolutions That Work!

It’s the dawn of the New Year and your motivation to take charge of your life is high. As you assess your life, your attention is steered to an area you’d like to improve. Whether it’s losing ten

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Dennis Drops 70 Pounds

“Working with Rena over Skype for just 4 sessions has been miraculous,” Says Dennis after dropping 70 pounds. Take a look as Dennis so authentically shares his experience of feeling peaceful

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Digging Deeper

Hypnosis Can Get to Root of Fear of Change to Lose Weight By Gary White, The Lakeland Ledger Rena Greenberg doesn’t swing a gold watch from a chain in front of anyone’s eyes. She isn’t prone to statements

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Tami after losing 40 pounds with Rena’s Weight Loss Hypnosis

Tami is SO excited about her new body since she lost 40 pounds after coming to see me for Gastric Bypass Hypnosis and Weight Loss Hypnosis. Take a look at this super fun video and watch Tami show off her

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