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Stick to Weight Loss, Wellness and Health

Wow, I certainly got a lively and mixed response from my last blog post about the current state of affairs. Lori kindly sent me a video presenting opposing ideas. I watched her video with interest. She

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Releasing Anxiety in Stressful Times – Free Live Hypnosis with Rena

I’m happy to gift you with a free live hypnosis session with me to help you cope with the unbelievable turn of events we are facing.   What part of your life has been most challenged by today’s

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Anxiety Management: 6 Great Tips to Help You Stress Less!

Chronic stress could be preventing you from living a healthy and fulfilling life. If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety, dealing with stress becomes that much tougher.

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Dealing With Social Anxiety: 5 Things You Can Try to Address It

Social anxiety disorder is defined as an intense fear of being judged, rejected, or negatively evaluated by others. According to studies, social anxiety affects over 15 million adults in the USA.

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Why Self-Love is so Important for Your Happiness

Most people would agree that self-love is essential for happiness. But what does that really mean? The problem with these well-advised words is that often the receiver has no idea how to give self-love.

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