Weight Loss Mastery: Harness the Power of Your Body’s 7 Energy Centers 9 week advanced online course + CIDER BONUS



Unlock the energies needed to lose weight permanently and effortlessly. In this Advanced Mastery course, over 9 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, step by step, how to tap into the power of your 7 chakras—your seven energy centers—to lose weight, gain empowerment, feel great and come fully alive so you can live your best life—healthy, happy at your ideal weight.

These 7 energy centers unlock the secrets in your physical, mental and emotional bodies. In this one-of-a-kind course, Rena will guide you through specific processes to release all blocks to emotional healing—paving the way for stuck fat that you’ve been holding on to, subconsciously, to melt off your body.

Includes dynamic, never been seen energy balancing and uplifting video hypnosis sessions with Rena plus weekly powerful and transformative audio hypnosis sessions with bi-neural brain balancing beats.

Rena’s Weight Loss Mastery Course also includes comprehensive lessons each week, plus accompanying homework processes and exercises, to insure the changes are taking root in your subconscious. You will learn to tap into your powerful energy centers in new ways.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • How to end emotional eating.
  • How to know if chakra energy is blocked and how to clear it.
  • Techniques for healing old wounds and hurts.
  • How to stop struggling and break old patterns that don’t serve you.
  • Which chakra to tune into to get the best results.
  • How your chakras work alone and individually and how you can use the chakras to lose weight and get healthy.
  • Dozens of powerful exercises and chakra meditations to change your life, lose weight and stay healthy—mentally, physically and emotionally.

Includes one free month in Rena’s Exclusive Inner Circle Membership Club.  You get:

  • Access to Secret Facebook Radiant Online Community Forum
  • LIVE high-energy hypnosis, coaching and Q&A calls, recorded and sent to you
  • Accountability Partner for weekly calls and to reach out to as needed.
  • 21 Day videos available and delivered daily.
  • Weekly Members Only Recipes
  • Exclusive Discounts and Bonuses


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