Smoking is indeed a remarkably hard habit to break. According to the CDC, almost 70% of smokers claim they want to quit smoking, but only 6% succeed.

Employers know that any way that they can help their workers kick the habit can prove to be worthwhile from both financial and health perspectives. Studies have found that workers who smoke cost the U.S. economy almost $278 billion annually in extra healthcare costs and lost productivity due to absenteeism.

Therefore, many companies have introduced financial incentives and wellness seminars to encourage employees to quit smoking.

Here are some ways in which organizations take positive steps towards a healthier workforce:

Establish A Smoke-Free Policy At The Workplace

Some organizations roll out anti-smoking policies that encompass all forms of tobacco, including cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc. Others also include electronic cigarettes and vaping in their policies.

Employees may still gather around at entryways for smoke-breaks, which is why most organizations make their entire property a smoke-free environment.

Offer Quit-Smoking Incentives

Since tobacco users may be charged with up to 50% more for health insurance under The Affordable Care Act, many employers offer small incentives for employees to quit smoking.

So, for instance, those who succeed, or even those who complete a program but fail to quit, may be rewarded with life insurance premiums or cash to help pay for medications and products that aid in quitting.

Employee Wellness Programs

Organizations turn to employee wellness programs to help smokers quit permanently. These programs cover all aspects of a smoker’s behavior, including their triggers, motivation to quit—providing a structured plan to cut back, and access to a support group to prevent a relapse.

Some employers also partner up with experts who create comprehensive smoking-cessation programs with personalized tools that help employees set their goals. The overall aim of these initiatives is to create awareness and improve the employee’s quality of life.

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Harness The Power Of Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking as it leverages the subconscious mind to strengthen a person’s willpower to resist those urges.

World-renowned hypnotherapist, Rena Greenberg, offers private and corporate Hypnosis Smoking Cessation seminars. These seminars include tried and tested techniques that have helped many smokers quit their harmful addiction and start living a healthier, happier life.

Rena also offers additional hypnotherapy programs for weight loss, stress relief, mindfulness, and wellness.

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