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How Sugar Affects Your Brain

Just the thought of those freshly-baked cookies and scrumptious peanut butter treats has the power to bring us to our knees. What is it about sugar that makes us crave for it—obsess over it? Whether

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Here’s How You Can Use The Power Of Subconscious To Your Advantage

You may think that your conscious mind is in charge, making all the decisions, but this assumption could not be farther from the truth. There is another,deeper layer of your mind that drives most of what

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Will Hypnosis Work In Curbing Your Sweet Tooth?

Hypnotherapy is a very real and well recognized form of therapy. From weight loss to smoking cessation and more, it is a proven effective way of dealing with a variety of personal issues. Add another one

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Ways You Can Fight Sugar Cravings

Do you crave junk food a lot? It can be hard to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle for people who can’t stop thinking about the next time they’ll be able to get their hands on a cupcake! These cravings

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Why Virtual Gastric Band Will Be Good For You In Your Battle Against Weight-Loss

Yes, we know. Losing weight –and trying to keep it off – is very difficult. In fact 80% of people gain back all the weight they lose (or try to) within one year! Understanding how effective weight-loss

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