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Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Remove Stubborn Belly Fat

The belly, or beer belly, as it’s also known, is a problem area for most people. We struggle to keep the weight off our waistlines. That stubborn belly bulge can lead to health problems like heart disease,

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America’s Obesity Pandemic—What’s Driving It?

Obesity is a rising concern in many leading countries of the world. It’s a particularly pressing problem here in the United States. Obesity stats keep increasing year after year, which, in turn, puts

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Why Rapid Weight Loss Always Backfires

You must have seen advertisements promoting quick weight loss. There are also many videos about how people have lost 7 pounds in a week or 25 to 30 pounds in a month. Such information can lure you in and

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The Harsh Truth About Social Media and Body Image

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that has gained more popularity over the past few years. Social media was once known as a way to connect with loved ones or make new friends, but now it’s

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Easy Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss You Should Try This Summer

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean settling for a bland bowl of vegetables. There are tons of ways you can cook up a delicious low-calorie meal that will not only leave you satisfied but is also aligned

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