Feeling empowered with a new ease in saying no to temptations, you’re no longer thinking about food constantly. And then, as if the spell could be broken, you feel like your old self again. That dreaded monster is back! What happened? Where did your new-found freedom disappear to?

It’s so tempting to look at your journey as a short-term project. Either the “diet” is working or it’s not working.

What if instead of wallowing in this painful inner conflict, you could instead step back and realize that this weight loss journey is no different from other areas of your life? Remaining triumphant is the result of your own personal growth process.

Your Thoughts About Weight Loss

Your thinking with weight loss is habitually black or white, and most likely it’s been that way for a long time. Either you are “good” today or “bad” today. You are “on a diet” or you’re “off the diet”.  You’re feeling happy and optimistic or you’re a complete mess—destined to fail.  Do you see how these polarities set you up to feel bad about yourself?

What if instead you could expand your view of yourself, your life and your process?  If you were carrying three plates and one fell, would you drop the other two?  Of course, not!

So why in the area of food do you feel inclined to follow one eating mistake with another and another?  The answer is because it’s a habit to succumb to the addictive power of processed food.

You can change how you think and feel about processed food but you have to set out to create that new thought habit. This is completely an inside job. New thought habits are formed through the power of intention, emotion and repetition. That’s what self-hypnosis is. Set out to create a new thought habit around food the way you would set out to learn a language or get to know a new city.

Your own Biofeedback

The results in your life are your “biofeedback.”  They tell you, not whether you are “good” or “bad” but rather they inform you where your current and past thoughts and actions lead.

Then you get to decide from there if you like where you are or not. If you do not like where you have landed (overweight, disgusted, uncomfortable and still wanting more chocolate), there’s no need to judge yourself. The choice now is to simply set off to change your course (which is guided by your thoughts and actions).

The process of personal growth always simply requires making connections and responding to the connections you are making in a way that keeps you moving forward.

Let’s say you decided you want to live in New Mexico.  Imagine that you spent months preparing for the move. You fantasized about New Mexico all the time and how happy you would finally be in New Mexico.

Then after a great deal of effort and planning, you arrived there.  You didn’t like it at all.  You realized that it wasn’t what you had hoped for. Very likely, you would then take your experience as feedback and choose a new course of action.

Seeing what you didn’t like about New Mexico would provide you with great insight about what you do and don’t like.  Therefore, the whole experience was not a waste and it doesn’t make you “bad” for making this mistake, even if the mistake was costly. It was a learning process.

Understanding Yourself

Perhaps you will realize that you belong in the Midwest, rather than the Southwest. If you had never moved there, you may never have discovered that very important fact about yourself. This information can then guide you for the rest of your life in a very positive way, even though the experience itself was quite unpleasant. Had you never made the move, you may have spent the rest of your life erroneously believing that you’d be happier in the South when in fact you now know that’s not the case.

In this way, life is always a process for all of us to learn what we do and don’t like and who we really are.  You are not necessarily a person who binges and obsesses about food all the time, intrinsically, but this is the identity that you have now taken on. Now, you are at a juncture in your life where you get to choose the ending of the story.

Do you choose to come to terms with the fact that your body cannot process sugar and carbs and base your future food choices on that knowledge? Or, do you continue to pretend that you can have “everything in moderation, including triggers” and find out on a daily or weekly basis that that is a flawed premise?

The Deep Dive Within

Can you dig deep and find the inner faith that will guide you to the understanding that when you cut out harmful foods, your body will stop craving them? Are you willing to tap into your intellect—the part of you that knows that eating any amount of a food that is a trigger for you will perpetuate your desire?

The issue is not whether you can be hypnotized or not. The issue is that you are already hypnotized into believing that you are helpless and weak-willed. But if you look at your life and all that you have been through, you will see that is a completely false idea.

The pain of believing that you’re weak and unable to tolerate your life-situation without abusing and numbing yourself with food, is your teacher.  The pain is your guide because when you have the courage to follow the pain within, rather than trying to suppress it, you will be guided to the answers you seek, in your own heart.

Your Greatest Teacher: Pain

Your heart and soul love you and want you to be happy.  They are whispering to you all the time, encouraging you to keep moving through your pain to find your connection to your deeper self.

They are encouraging you to see that your feelings are part of your humanity and must be accepted and tolerated. Your heart and soul want you to know that there is no amount of food that can keep the pain away and that eating in an unhealthy, destructive manner will only increase your pain many times over.

In other words, the decision that is upon you is this: Which is worse—to feel your underlying hopelessness, loneliness and fear?  Or, to mask those human emotions, called the Wound, with sugar and processed toxic poison, so that then the pain can be directed to the fat on your body and what you’ve done to yourself, rather than just accepted as a part of life?

What if choosing the latter always just keeps you spinning in more pain?  Choosing the former makes it essential that you tap into your Deep Courage to feel the hopelessness, fear and loneliness that ALL humanity experiences, and go through it to make the Divine connection that you are not separate from all of life.

Opening to Your Greatest Strengths

What if the simple act of surrendering to your personal pain opened you to the magnificent fact that behind this collective pain is a field of infinite space, love, goodness, intelligence, beauty, one-ness and joy?

Every minute of every day you are at a crossroads. Pain is a wonderful teacher. It reminds us of what we don’t want. You have chosen the habit of eating for comfort and yet the very foods you eat make you so uncomfortable on every level—you wouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy.

Forget about weight loss. Focus on your inner journey to health, happiness and freedom. Imagine truly wanting to purify yourself by eating only whole, real, clean, unprocessed food from the earth with enough pure protein to balance your blood sugar and end all cravings.

What are You Longing For?

Ask yourself: If I didn’t have this toxic relationship with food that consumes me, what would I do with my time and energy? Imagine using that time just to breathe, stretch, dance or engage in a creative pursuit like writing, drawing, painting, pottery, knitting, gardening, preparing delicious, simple healthy food and just practicing self-hypnosis—feeling the joy of connecting to your own heart and soul? Imagine that freedom—enough so you can taste it! Crave that freedom—yearn for it—lust for it!

Remember this secret. You are human. You have a wound. Everyone else does, too. Don’t put salt in your own would. The salt is literally sugar and toxins that enter your mouth and go straight to your emotional wound, fueling the fire. You’ve already done that one too many times.

Hear the whisper of your own heart—nothing tastes as good as FREEDOM feels. I am FREE! I choose self-love, self-respect and uplifting your own personal vibration with every choice you make. And remember your true motivator—your friend—pain. You have already walked the other road. You know what that’s like. It has nothing but suffering to offer you and you’re not going back! Welcome to your new life—congratulations!

Please comment below and let me know about your own experiences and your thoughts about what I’ve shared.  I love connecting with you!!

To your Health & Happiness,


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