The only one who fails is the one who gives up! Keep reminding yourself that failure is not an option!

Recognize some of the common pitfalls to not living at your ideal weight:  

1. Failing to plan ahead.

2. Not having healthy foods to eat with you, each day.

3. Eating when you are not physically hungry.

4. Making physical movement optional instead of part of your daily routine (like showering and brushing your teeth). Even if you have restrictions, you can most likely move some part of your body consistently!

5. Having a ‘dieting’ mentally which always leads to deprivation and self-sabotage.

6. Not believing in yourself or not feeling worthy of success.

7. Stuffing your emotions with food.

8. Eating “trigger” foods that perpetuate sugar/carb addiction.

9. Giving up on yourself and programming your mind for failure.

Keys to Success

1. Absolutely PLAN AHEAD.

2. ENJOY every bite that you eat! If you don’t like broccoli, skip it! Find healthy foods that you do like. Healthy eating and healthy weight loss should involve NO deprivation and NO denial, but rather making conscious, healthy choices and changing your thinking subconsciously to make those new healthy choices natural and delicious for you.

3. Find movement that you enjoy and make it part of your routine.

4. Choose healthy, nutritious, water rich foods. Studies show that the best eating plan (which is not a diet!) is lots of water rich, fiber-filled veggies with protein and some complex carbohydrates (whole grain) with enough healthy fat (like avocado and olive oil), in BALANCE.

5. Identify trigger foods and stay away from them.

6. Cope with your emotions by feeling them and then releasing them through dance, writing, voice, art, music or movement. Avoid suppression and judging yourself as self-judgment creates constriction and perpetuates negative states of mind and feeling.

7. Believe in yourself. Fill your mind with positive beliefs about yourself and your possibilities.

8. Practice self-hypnosis daily. The environment is constantly feeding you fear thoughts and negativity. Rejuvenate and uplift yourself with self hypnosis and
self inner-mind programming.

9. Remind yourself that if other people can succeed and overcome obstacles in this area of their lives so can you!

10. Remember that all areas of your life are connected. As you embrace success in health and weight loss, your whole life will change in a positive way. Envision the possibilities!

11. Release the past. Ask yourself, “If I don’t forgive myself and release the old way of being today, when will I do it?” Now is the time!

You Can Do It!

Please comment below and let me know about your own experiences and your thoughts about what I’ve shared. I love connecting with you!!

To your Health & Happiness,

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