Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all that’s happening around you and your inability to control anything?

Well, you are not alone. With the recent pandemic, the unstable economy, the increasing number of companies downsizing or folding up and the mandatory stay-at-home orders by the U.S. government, the number of people experiencing anxiety and other mental health disorders in the country has gone up significantly.

Staying calm and happy has never been more important. Too much anxiety and stress can make the situation even worse and start impacting your personal life, your social relationships, your career, and even your physical health.

Here are some smart strategies to help you achieve a happier and calmer state of mind effectively:

 Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most effective and popular strategies to calm the mind and keep your stress in check. Studies show that even brief periods of mindful meditation can improve the mood and reduce physical and mental distress. It teaches you to focus on the moment and let go of any fears, negative emotions, or past pains. Instead, it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the moment and appreciate being alive and healthy.


Contrary to popular opinion, yoga is much more than exploring your spiritual side. It combines breathing exercises, physical activity, and various body poses that encourage your muscles to relax. People who practice yoga regularly enjoy an enhanced state of internal balance and are more in tune with their bodies. Yoga also helps improve physiological and metabolic resilience while boosting your peace of mind.

Ensure Proper Self-Care

Ensure Proper Self-Care

Caring for your physical and mental well-being is essential to maintain an overall calm state of mind. This means getting a proper diet with all essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, taking some downtime every now and then with a relaxing day in the bathtub or spending quality time with your loved ones, and getting in some workouts.

Avoiding Negative Triggers

To stay calm and happy, you must avoid negative triggers that make you feel anxious and stressed. If you feel too overwhelmed, try things like turning off the news, which is mostly negative, avoid people who have toxic traits and make you feel bad, and don’t participate in activities that are likely to make you feel worse, such as binge eating and excessive drinking. Surround yourself with things that give off happy vibes such as compassionate people, inspiring art, and natural greenery.

Get It All Out

Get It All Out

When your thoughts and feelings start getting too overwhelming, a good strategy is to get it all out by writing how you feel. Writing mindfully, can relieve stress, increases your feelings of well-being, calm the mind, and encourage you to reflect on the moment. Once you put it down on the paper, your worries, concerns, emotions, and fears seem more manageable and provide you with a sense of clarity and relief.

It also helps if you can talk to a professional who can help you deal with the overwhelming emotions and help you find a proper way of dealing with the daily stress triggers.

Try Professional Hypnotherapy with Rena Greenberg

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for engaging the subconscious mind and guiding it towards being calmer and happier.

Check out some of the amazing hypnotherapy programs by Rena Greenberg for mindfulness and stress relief, as well as weight loss and smoking cessation. You can also book a private hypnosis session with Rena for a more personalized experience that focuses on your individual needs.

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