With her daughter’s wedding only 6 short months away, the thought of seeing her cousin at her current weight made Beth cringe.

Reading the invitation to his high school reunion, the joyful anticipation of socializing with his childhood buddies suddenly became overshadowed by desperation as Larry thought of the pounds he had packed on since his younger years.

Turning from her reflection in the mirror, feelings of shame and disgust began to rise up inside Sandy as she gazed at a person she no longer recognized.

Anyone who has battled the bulge can relate to these all too common feelings of agonizing over unwanted weight and a self-image that’s become painful and frustrating.

The issue now is what do you do about it? You’ve heard that diet pills are harmful, but is there an alternative?

Introducing Slender Cider

Fortunately, there is. You may have heard about the amazing benefits of organic apple cider vinegar for weight loss and cutting cravings. Studies have shown that organic apple cider vinegar balances blood sugar, energizes and reduces fatigue while increasing satiety, so you feel fuller longer.

But did you know that when you add specific herbs with healing properties as well as essential healing oils, from plants, to organic apple cider vinegar, you can increase the weight loss potential of this super food?

It’s exactly that combination that has made Slender Cider a popular and successful weight loss aid among health conscious people who want to lose weight without dieting.

The Powerful Active Ingredient

Slender Cider is a therapeutic, liquid herbal supplement formulated with 11 healing herbs, fresh brewed like a cup of tea, and then mixed in a base of organic apple cider vinegar, with the Mother. The Mother found only in raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar insures that it is of the highest quality.

This amino-acid based substance known as the Mother that exists in organic apple cider vinegar is a result of a fermentation process that produces acetic acid, which gives raw apple cider vinegar potent antioxidant, antimicrobial and other health-promoting effects.

The 11 beneficial herbs in Slender Cider are all known for their weight loss, health, digestive and blood sugar balancing properties. When blended with organic apple cider vinegar, the result is a weight loss aid that cuts cravings, energizes naturally and decreases appetite while alkalizing and cleansing your insides. Cherry, Lemon and Grapefruit concentrates add to the healing benefits and make it taste great!

Comparing Slender Cider to Diet Pills

In 2015, the most popular diet pills being prescribed are Orlistat, also known as Xenical or Alli when sold over the counter, Belviq, Contrave which is a combination of Naltrexone and Bupropion, Saxenda, Phentermine (also known as Adipex and Suprenza) and Qsymia.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Slender Cider beats Diet Pills every time

1. No Side Effects

That one seems obvious! Why would you put something into your body that has the potential to harm you? Remember the Hippocratic Oath: Do No Harm. Your body is a precious gift and it’s the vessel for your life force.

Have you looked up the side effects for the drugs/diet pills I just mentioned? Here they are: Constipation, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, dry mouth, increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, increased blood pressure and heart rate or low blood pressure, fatigue, back pain, cough, difficulty absorbing vitamins A, D, E and K, gas, cramping, severe liver injury, pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, kidney problems, vision loss and birth defects. Need I say more?!

Compare that to Slender Cider whose side effects are improved immune system function, better bowel health, cleansing the body of toxins, balancing blood sugar, purification of the liver, increasing a feeling of fullness thus decreasing appetite and improving metabolism.

2. Getting off the Diet Yo-Yo

Though it’s tempting to go for the quick fix, we all know that in the long run, when it comes to weight loss, unless we change our eating behaviors, all our hard, dieting efforts are in vain. Diet pills do work to suppress appetite, no doubt, but the problem is that when you go off them, your appetite returns with a vengeance. That’s why you’re always on a yo-yo when you use weight loss aids like diet pills.

By contrast, Slender Cider works to help you actually change the types of foods you crave. Cathy McHugh lost 130 lbs and swears by Slender Cider because she said it eliminated her physical cravings for sweet and salty foods. That’s right—she just didn’t want those types of foods anymore. So she was free—she wasn’t on a diet.

3. Your Taste for Food Changes with Slender Cider

Change Your Cravings with Slender Cider

Change Your Cravings with Slender Cider

That brings me to my third point. Angie insisted that the fat literally melted off her body with Slender Cider because her taste for food completely changed. How can that happen? The healthful herbs plus the organic apple cider vinegar and essential oils (and greens) in Slender Cider work together to alkalize your body. Most of the foods we eat are processed and are acidic, creating an acidic Ph in the body.

Diseases like cancer flourish in an acidic environment. Slender Cider makes your body more alkaline and that causes you to begin to be turned off to rich, harmful, acidic foods like junk food, sugar and fast food, and actually crave healthier foods like vegetables and salads. It literally turns off the craving switch in the brain.

When taking diet pills, you may experience less hunger while you’re on them, but the minute you go off, you are craving the harmful, acidic foods you told yourself you weren’t going to eat. Staying away from those foods becomes almost impossible. The word Diet stands for: Don’t Intentionally Eat That. The reason why diets don’t work is because you may not intentionally, consciously choose to eat something, but if you’re still craving it subconsciously, that desire will always win, knocking you to your knees once again.

4. Temporary Fix vs. Permanent Solution

Diet pills promise to burn fat and kill appetite, but the reality is the benefits are short lived, and the risks are great. The publication, Biochemical Pharmacology, reported that one of the most popular diet pills on the market, Orlistat—also sold over the counter as Alli—causes, even at low doses “severe toxicity of internal organs.”

Slender Cider’s benefits are long lasting with absolutely no harmful side effects. Research has shown that the key ingredients in Slender Cider—organic apple cider vinegar and herbs such as cayenne, turmeric, cinnamon, clove and ginger, actually raise metabolism, suppress growth of fat and lowers glucose and insulin responses. The weight loss then is the side benefit of a healthy, balanced body.

Getting the Quick Results You Desire

It’s perfectly understandable that you may feel desperate to find the quick fix when you can’t get your favorite jeans past your knees or when you feel like your excess weight is making you tower over the person next to you.

After working with weight loss for over 26 years, including my own, I am truly convinced that there is no quick fix that works. But the good news is that you can still see results quickly!

Slender Cider helps you to achieve what every weight loss expert advises: healthy eating with moderate activity, as a permanent lifestyle, is the only thing that works.

Diet pills are a quick-fix that actually cause you to gain weight the minute you go off them. Additionally, these medications put you at risk for serious health consequences.

Slender Cider is an all natural, organic alternative that produces health on every level by balancing your elimination system, improving your bowel health, decreasing cravings by alkalizing your body, and increasing your sense of feeling full so you can eat less without feeling hungry. If you want better health and weight loss results that last, then Slender Cider is the choice for you!

To Your Health & Happiness,

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