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Join the thousands who have lost weight with Rena’s program . . .

Are you tired of the endless struggle of dieting? Are you tired of feeling bad about your health, energy and weight? Do you feel out of control around food? Are you longing to feel better about yourself? Are you ready to take control of your life and your eating habits?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, then Lose Weight Now With Self-Hypnosis.


Get Rena’s At-Home Weight Loss System on DVD and CD in a never before offered special package. Join the thousands who have lost weight with Rena’s program . . .

LIVE Presentation on PBS video DVD – includes never before seen footage with Rena

Easy Willpower Permanent Weight Loss System

The Right Weigh (Published by Hay House)


Powerful Weight Loss Coaching Session with Rena (video)


3 Subconscious Imprinting Self Hypnosis audio 


Affirmation Reinforcing Weight Loss Session cd


Walk the Weight Away audio


3 Motivational Refrigerator Magnets (optional)


BONUS: Exclusive Food Map Workbook


Entire program available as an immediate download, upon request.

Are you tired of the endless struggle of dieting? Are you tired of feeling bad about your health, energy and weight? Do you feel out of control around food? Are you longing to feel better about yourself? Are you ready to take control of your life and your eating habits?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, then lose weight now with self-hypnosis.

With this at-home weight loss system, you will learn how to tap into the incredible power of the subconscious mind to make permanent changes in your attitude towards food. You will be given the tools to change the way you think about food subconsciously so you naturally begin to prefer healthy foods and are turned off to foods that are harmful to you.

You will be given techniques to connect with your own inner mind to make exercise a positive habit that you look forward to. You’ll learn to eliminate overeating, binging, snacking and emotional eating, and find freedom from food cravings (for carbs and sweets). You’ll start to feel better about yourself and have a healthier more loving relationship with yourself and food.

As you watch the introductory inspirational and informative DVD, you’ll find out how your subconscious mind has been stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off. Then find out how to change that inner programming to lose weight permanently and effortlessly.

DVD: Get S.I.T. to Lose
Disc 1: Your Path to Weight Loss (Self-Hypnosis)
Disc 2: Finding Your Inner Strength (Self-Hypnosis)
Disc 3: Transforming Your Relationship to Food (Self-Hypnosis)

Disc 4: Reinforcing your Weight Loss (Affirmations)
Disc 5: Walk the Weight Away (Affirmations)

3 Refrigerator Magnets
Exclusive Bonus: Food Map Workbook

Simply listen to one of three 20 minute hypnosis re-programming cds for just 30 days and you’ll find yourself pushing food away from you, preferring healthier foods, and moving your body more easily. Some of Rena’s clients have told us, “It’s unbelievable – the weight is just coming off – I’m not even aware that I’m doing anything!”

Special bonus Affirmation cd, “Reinforcing Your Weight Loss,” is great to listen to in the car or while you are doing other things. As you listen to the affirmations, the positive suggestions will penetrate into your subconscious mind so that your thoughts about food and yourself change! You’ll naturally find yourself eating smaller portions of healthier foods with out feeling deprived.

You’ll also receive You Can Do It! Affirmations for Permanent Weight Loss cd – For a limited time only.

Quick Success Stories . ..

“Before I first started, I ate fast food all of the time and just figured this is how I was going to always look. After using Rena’s hypnosis program, my attitude with food changed completely. The very next day I wanted spinach – I actually craved it. My portions instantly grew smaller and I was satisfied with the smaller portions. The more I listened to the cd – the more the voices in my head were positive.

It has been a few years since I started using Rena’s program and I have found my eating habits to remain healthy. I have lost a total of 115 lbs.. . . It’s one of the easiest things I have ever done and I am thrilled now when I put my clothes on! It is the best gift I have ever given myself.” – Julie Evans

This worked for me. I lost 34 lbs. in 7 months. My craving for fast food is gone. My activity level is higher and I’m enjoying life. Thank you! – Louanne Dennis

“I love this program—I lost 59 lbs. I am 75 years old and I have been overweight my whole life. It’s the best way to lose weight. I have been on two cruises and didn’t gain a pound. I don’t feel like I am on a diet–if I want to eat cake, I do, but all I want is a small piece. Thank you for your program.” – Pat Christensen

“Before, I had a “SWEET TOOTH” but now I no longer have any desire for sweets. I eat much healthier and I feel GREAT. I enjoy listening to the CD’s. I would highly recommend this program for anyone trying to lose weight.” – Karen Strese

“I had tried everything before this. Not only were the other programs expensive but I had always gained the weight back. This is the only weight loss program that worked for me. I lost 67 lbs. in less than a year and have kept it off for almost 6 years, and it was easy! Thank you!” – Lucy McAtee

“This program changed my life—in the last three years I have lost 120 lbs. Finally, I got the message that I needed to permanently change my lifestyle and not seek the newest fad. It’s a fabulous program! Rena never fails to inspire me.” – Janice Holden

“I lost 50 lbs. with this program, in 9 months. I feel great! Before when I was dieting, it was so painful and I was always hungry. Now I am never hungry. I eat differently all together and I am more active and it all comes naturally. Rena Greenberg’s program made it possible for me to lose the weight with no cravings and no effort.” – Jon Hughes

“This has been the most successful weight loss program I have been on. It is great having made lifestyle changes that are my life now.” – Kay Struble

“Before I had failed at every diet I tried, and I tried them all! Within the first ninety days, I lost over 50 lbs. and I’ve kept them off for a year. My craving for sweets is gone, and I find myself looking forward to my morning walks. I am so grateful that Rena Greenberg helped me make this successful change in my life.” – Michael Terrazas

“I love your weight loss program! I have seen major changes in my attitude towards food. I am no longer a slave to sweets. I used to eat sugary snacks daily, now I rarely indulge. I no longer have the desire for high calorie sweets. I highly recommend this program.”
– Linda Smith

“I lost 113 lbs. with Rena’s program – my whole life has changed. Thank you!”
– Sharon Tournade

“I don’t do battle with myself as to whether or not I want to eat between meals or late at night. It is so easy to say no to over indulging, I feel so much better, with more energy.” – Don Lynch

“I can not believe my weight loss of 16 lbs. in two months. I am extremely pleased and find that the weight has come off so easily. I find that junk food has no appeal to me anymore and small meals really do satisfy me.” – Phyllis Moore

“I have since lost 70 lbs. My family and co-workers can’t believe I have done this well. This has changed my life so much as now I look forward to being out in public again. Thank you so much!” – Josh Ulch


Rena Greenberg is the CEO of Wellness Seminars, Inc. She has conducted The Wellness Seminar for Weight Control using Hypnosis with Behavior Modification for over 100,000 people. Since 1990, Rena’s program has been reviewed and sponsored by over 75 hospitals and over 100 major corporations, including Walt Disney World, Home Depot and AT&T.

Rena Greenberg is the Author of The Right Weigh: Six Steps to Permanent Weight Loss (Hay House Publishing) and The Craving Cure: Break the Hold Carbs and Sweets Have on Your Life (McGraw-Hill).

The success of her popular and effective wellness and weight loss program has been featured on ABC-TV, FOX-TV, CBS-TV, NBC-TV, Women’s World Magazine, Body & Soul Magazine and over 100 newspaper and TV stories.

Lose Weight Permanently with Self-Hypnosis

All this is yours for only $297.00 (for a limited time only)

You’ll receive:
The Right Weigh book
Get S.I.T. to Lose DVD

Easy Willpower PBS DVD with Bonus Material Coaching Session with Rena DVD
PLUS 6 unique weight loss cds including:
motivational cds for the car
2 weight loss affirmation cds with music
1 upbeat walking affirmation and music cd to get you moving
3 unique and powerful self-hypnosis sessions with Rena

BONUS: Exclusive Food Map Workbook

3 Refrigerator Magnets

Value: $497

Yours for only $297, for a limited time only (save $200! plus get FREE SHIPPING)


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