Sugar Divorce V.I.P. Master Package



Sugar Divorce Master Package Plus 4 Individual, One-Hour Personalized Sessions with Rena

 Here’s what you get in your Sugar Divorce Master Package, plus 4 powerful one-on-one live hypnosis coaching sessions with Rena:

CD One
Introduction To The Weigh To Freedom

Free yourself forever from the conflict between consciously wanting to lose weight, while your subconscious mind wants to keep on eating the way it has in the past. Learn to harness the power of your deeper mind and heart to finally achieve what you really want: confidence, happiness and successful weight loss.

CD Two
Healthy Eating on The Go

You know that you’re supposed to eat healthier foods but it’s so much easier to just grab some greasy or sugary snack on the go. Not any more! Learn simple and effective ways to incorporate healthy eating into the busiest lifestyle. Rena’s food ideas are easy and delicious. You’ll never go back to your old, self-sabotaging ways of eating again.

CD Three
Connect to Your Personal Power (Heart Centering Hypnosis CD)

Deep within you is a deeper wisdom that can offer you all that your heart desires—when you connect with it. This heart-centering experience will take you behind any voices of doubt or fear to your greatest source of inspiration, love and freedom. Here the choices you make will naturally lead you to greater happiness and the confidence to change your eating and exercise habits.

CD Four
Breaking Free From Obstacles to Permanent Weight Loss (Hypnosis CD)

No matter what is getting in the way of your success—whether it be addiction to sweets, stress, low self-esteem, fear of failure, emotional eating, no exercise, no time, night bingeing, no support—whatever the obstacle, you can overcome it. Learn a powerful method for breaking free from any difficulty and connecting with the hidden force inside yourself that can only propel you to succeed.

CD Five
Love Your Slender Life (Hypnosis CD)

What you imagine, you can achieve. This CD will imprint on your deeper mind and heart new images of yourself at your ideal weight, fitting into your clothes comfortably, confident, happy, enjoying exercise with new eating habits. Open to new, positive possibilities for yourself and naturally step into a more beautiful experience of your life.

 CD Six
Walk that Weight Away! (Walking CD)

Your walking experience will be transformed as you listen to this energizing recording of upbeat music along with powerful, life-altering affirmations. The encouraging self-talk will help transform any subconscious blocks about exercise.

Once you have removed these subconscious blocks about food, you will be equipped with the tools for your Sugar Divorce.

Plus The Sugar Divorce Master Package provides you with access to these products for download:

  • The Sugar Divorce Manual: The Sugar Divorce Manual is your go-to guide for divorcing sugar without ever feeling deprived or denied. You’ll learn exactly what foods to eat to burn fat naturally. You’ll discover specific secrets and actions steps to lose weight without dieting. Dozens of weight loss tips and tricks that are proven to work along with strategies to balance and heal your body and mind.
  • Quick & Easy Sugar Divorce Today Guide:  With this quick & easy starter guide you get the 5 best Sugar Divorce easy tips and practices so you can get your final and friendly sugar divorce and start feeling fabulous today. You’ll start accomplishing your goals within the first 20 minutes.
  • Intro Coaching Session Audio: In this audio session, Rena will help you get in the right mindset to cleanse your mind and retrain your brain to get your fast, final Sugar Divorce. Can be listened to in the car.
  • Cognitive Conditioning Session:  This session harness the power of your mind and re-train your brain with a relaxing and calming cognitive conditioning re-programming strategy to help you think about yourself and food, subconsciously, in a new way. Learn the secret to releasing limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck. Leave the past behind and create a new, healthy, empowering relationship with food and yourself. This heart-centered and effective Sugar Divorce audio program is what thousands of Rena’s clients have demanded.
  • Sugar Divorce Affirmations: Over upbeat music, you’ll hear Rena give you positive suggestions for complete freedom from Sweetie. Listening to this upbeat, positive self talk will give you a new inner conversation. This new self-talk will replace old, limiting beliefs with positive, optimistic thinking. You’ll find your strength, self-love, self-respect, courage, determination and faith sky-rocketing, naturally and effortlessly. Your new way of thinking will make it easy to choose smaller portions of healthier foods and push that plate away without a second thought.
  • Fat-Burning Recipes: Enjoy 31 days of delicious sugar divorce, fat-burning breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that will give you the energy and vitality you need to feel fantastic. You’ll start looking forward to each scrumptious, healthy meal, including amazing, tasty and nutritious snacks, to keep you energized and in the zone.
  • Personalized Tools: Overcome weight loss and self-sabotage pitfalls. Get the tools to break free from old, unwanted habits like overeating, bingeing, snacking, night eating and emotional eating.
  • Personalized Meal Plans: Scientifically proven best meal plans for a final sugar divorce with no cravings, no hunger, optimal weight loss, overall health and emotional freedom.
  • Success Journal: A success journal that lets you keep track of all your progress and success so you’re never tempted to take Sweetie back. Your journal will constantly remind you how far you’ve come!
  • Shopping Lists: Each recipe lists all the ingredients so your grocery shopping and new, healthy eating lifestyle be-comes easy and effortless. Display on your smart phone, tablet or print out.
  • Access to the Sugar Divorce Community:  Join over 200,000 people, in 75+ hospitals and 100 major corporations, since 1990, have used Rena’s program to lose weight and find health and happiness. At the Community Forum, Rena is available to support you, cheer you on, answer any questions you may have and celebrate your success..

International Shipping Rates Apply

For International orders, there is no additional fee for download only. If you would like the Sugar Divorce Weigh to Freedom System shipped to you, an additional $25 will be applied to your order.


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