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Learn 6 Steps to permanent weight loss based on Rena Greenberg’s successful Weight Control Seminar, reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals. Harness the power of your mind to change the way you think about food subconsciously. Published by Hay House.


The Right Weigh: Six Steps to Permanent Weight Loss Used by More Than 100,000 People

The Right Weigh is a unique 40-day, six-step plan for weight control that combines both a practical and spiritual approach. Rena Greenberg addresses the importance of effecting changes in your diet and activity level-and makes it easy for you to do so-but she emphasizes what most diet books overlook: how to do the inner work necessary to change the very way you think about food.

Using self-hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and a technique called “Remembrance,” Rena shows you how to get past the obstacles that have held you back from losing weight and keeping it off. You’ll find yourself naturally craving healthier meals, and being indifferent to, or even repulsed by, unhealthy, fattening, or high-sugar food-all without the need to draw upon willpower to change the way you eat!

The Right Weigh teaches you how to change your perceptions of yourself and what you’re eating by tapping in to the vast Source of power within, and reconnecting to your infinite spiritual nature. In this way, the wisest part of yourself guides you to make excellent choices to improve the quality of your life and live healthfully at the mind, body, heart, and spirit levels.

About the Author

Rena Greenberg, an ordained minister with a master’s in divinity from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, has been the director of Wellness Seminars, Inc., since 1990. She has successfully conducted weight-control seminars for major corporations such as Walt Disney Word, Busch Gardens, AT&T, and Home Depot, as well as for more than 70 hospitals throughout the country. Since 1989, she’s helped more than 100,000 people achieve their weight goals. Rena is a graduate of City University of New York with a degree in bio-psychology. She’s a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as a nationally certified biofeedback therapist. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, and continues to speak on a regular basis about weight loss to large audiences.

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This is an Excellent Book!
This book changed my life! I lost over 100 lbs. with Rena Greenberg’s weight loss program. After using the method of self-hypnosis in The Right Weigh, I was able to re-program myself. I actually found myself driving right past the fast food places that used to call my name. I love vegetables now and I’m actually enjoying going to the gym almost daily. Her program works! I highly recommend this book. I had been on every diet out there before I found this method that was recommended by a friend. Also, I’m sleeping better and feel more confident than I have in years.
– Mary

Kudos from a Psychotherapist
Rena Greenberg has written an emotional masterpiece for every person who has harbored a life-long “love/hate” relationship with food! I’m a licensed psychotherapist and approached reading this book with a good degree of skepticism. Intellectually, I understood all the techniques outlined in the book. Imagine my delight to find out this book wasn’t about “diet” at all! It wasn’t about “fat” or “thin”, it was about ME.
Following the heart-centered exercises throughout the book has helped me become healthier, happier and 32 pounds lighter without much effort at all. The best part: I eat what I want, as much as I want and still lose weight.

This book is a great read, contains great intellectual and emotional information and is a must for every person who is willing to spend 30 minutes a day on themselves.
– Beth Koon