Private Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Session



Face to face hypnosis sessions with Rena are done in Sarasota, Florida.

Sessions available over the phone, Skype or iChat

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Rena’s one-hour private stop smoking hypnosis session also includes a personalized mp3, recording download of your hypnosis session. This audible download is an excellent way to reinforce and strengthen your hypnotic suggestions and to ensure long-term success. Included with your stop smoking personalized session, you will receive Rena’s popular hospital based 3-digital file or CD and book, Think and Quit program, on CD and download ($75 Value).

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking and are failing miserably, it’s time to try smoking cessation techniques that actually work. Under the guidance of world-renowned hypnosis expert, you can finally say bye to cigarettes for good!

Inner conflicts sabotage your success.

Rena’s Easy WillPower hypnosis resolves conflicts and blocks so you can stop smoking for good. By getting the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind to work together in harmony, Rena’s hypnosis helps you change parts of your life that you never thought you could. It’s all about replacing negative, conflicting programming with positive thoughts and ideas that support you. Rena’s hypnosis for smoking cessation does this is by introducing images and suggestions into your subconscious while you are relaxed but fully aware.

Rena’s proven hypnosis is a 2-part recipe for success. First a wonderful new image of you as a fit, healthy non-smoker is introduced into your subconscious. This is very safe because you choose your new image and are in complete control during the entire process. This positive new self-image will make your desire to be a non-smoker stronger than ever. Then negative associations are introduced into your subconscious to eliminate or reduce your desire for cigarettes. Other methods do nothing to remove your old programming and resolve the subconscious conflicts that keep you in the failure cycle.

Rena has helped over 100,000 people stop smoking in over 75 hospitals, since 1990. Call today to schedule your private stop smoking cessation hypnosis session with Rena.