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Originally: $497

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Immediate download available after purchase plus CDs and book in the mail (if desired).

Rena’s Dynamic Mind Method has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, ABC-TV Nightline, Woman’s World Magazine and The Doctor’s Show. Get to the core of the problem: your thoughts about yourself and your life.

In this complete, easy to use program, Rena teaches you how to use self-hypnosis effectively to transform your thoughts and your life experience. Dynamic Mind Method is like getting a personal upgrade. Stop playing small and re-claim your highest destiny for your life.


Originally: $497

NOW ONLY!   $297   SAVE $300

including bonuses


Available as an immediate digital audio file. Plus you’ll get the cds in the mail (if desired).

CD and digital audio file: How Dynamic Mind Method Can Change Your Life.
Rena thoroughly explains what Dynamic Mind Method is, how this is different from other personal growth methods, what you can expect during the process to maximize your lifetime benefits.

CD and digital audio file: Dynamic Mind Method. Rena guides you through the Dynamic Mind Method process. Use this as needed to support a lifetime of change in your lifestyle habits.

CD and digital audio file: Dynamic Mind Method Reinforcement. This CD is specifically created as a follow-up to Rena’s Dynamic Mind Method hypnosis, with imagery to reinforce your goals. As you listen daily, you will find yourself feeling calmer, more peaceful, happier and more energetic. As a bonus, Rena’s positive suggestions will help increase feelings of self-love and self respect.

This CD and audio file is designed to help you feel alive, energized and positive about your life going forward.

CD and digital audio file: Dynamic Mind Method Affirmations. This CD can be listened to anytime. The positive suggestions set over upbeat music will help you to increase your commitment to love, honor and care for yourself.

By listening to these positive suggestions, you’ll find that your own inner
voice will automatically encourage you to do the things that lead you to
feeling healthy and happy. Taking care of yourself becomes second nature and self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior disappear.

FREE BONUS – Rena’s book

Easy Sugar Breakup: Break the Hold Carbs and Sweets Have on Your Life by Rena Greenberg 
Easy Sugar Breakup is a wonderful resource for personal insight and transformation.”
–Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

Free yourself from food addictions!
Excessive consumption of sugar in all its forms–including simple carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol–can lead to weight problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical disorders. Whatever you are craving weakness, this book will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to overcome it.
Easy Sugar Breakup will help you

  • Understand the psychological and physical basis of food addictions
  • Use affirmations, imagery, and relaxation techniques to overcome your addictions
  • Develop a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle–without feeling deprived–through the author’s two-week detox program


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