• Prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly.
  • Cook healthfully easily and with confidence.
  • Rena gives clear instructions on how to fix nutritious and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • Step-by-step preparation of meals and snacks with Rena, demonstrated in the kitchen, with easy to follow along recipes.
  • Jam-packed with innovative techniques to make food taste good, without sugar and sodium.
  • Discover new items to bring zest, good taste and nutrients to your meals.
  • Re-energize your life with nutritious food.
  • Shift your perspective and learn to enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, for stamina and health.
  • Dozens of cooking tips whether you are cooking for yourself or for a family.
  • Delicious meals to prepare when you have company, without sabotaging yourself!
  • Easy, quick, on the go snack and meal ideas.

Rena’s intention is to make these fabulous cooking secrets that she has put together, over 26 years of eating for health, without sugar and without dieting, easy to access. That’s why she’s offering over 1.5 instructional videos absolutely FREE with purchase of her gastric bypass hypnosis cd set.

Get your mind straight with gastric bypass hypnosis for permanent weight loss and at the same time learn a lifetime of amazing cooking techniques to eat healthy, while enjoying every bite, and achieve your highest health possibility!

Are you ready to lose weight without having to diet, take pills or shots, count calories or starve yourself?
Do you want the confidence to go anywhere and eat anything you want without the fear of losing control?
Do you want to finally be free of the embarrassment and discomfort of carrying extra weight?
Do you long to feel attractive, look great in all of your clothes, and be the very best you that you want to be?
Are you ready to let go of all the extra weight that’s been dragging you down?

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Breakfast – 25:52

Healthy Cookies – 9:53

Healthy Snacks – 6:29

Lunch – 17:46

Dinner – 11:03

Dinner part 2 – 13:22