Meet Rena Greenberg From Easy Will Power

Clarissa lost 20 pounds with Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
Good Morning America Features Rena Greenberg's Hypnosis
Nightline 2014 Featuring Rena Greenberg
Julie Lost 150 lbs. with Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
Tampa News Features Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
Clarissa lost 40 pounds with Gastric Bypass Hypnosis - follow up Nightline story
Sue Lost 65 pounds
Rena Greenberg Explains Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
Debbie Lost 30 pounds with Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
Molly undergoes Gastric Band Hypnosis
Jane and Linda Loses 60 pounds using hypnosis with Rena Greenberg
Molly loses 115 pounds with Gastric Band Hypnosis
ABC TV Philadelphia Features Rena Greenberg's Gastric Bypass Hypnosis with Judy
Carol lost 55 pounds
Rena takes questions about hypnosis
Rena demonstrates hypnosis, Micheal lost 50 pounds
Mother and daughter-Carrie lost 55 pounds and Julie lost 85 pounds
NBC 10 Philadelphia features Cathy who lost 150 pounds using Rena Greenberg's Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
Darryl lost 120 pounds
Darryl lost 90 pounds and changed eating habits
Darryl Lost 105 pounds, also Shannon undergoes hypnosis
Rena Discusses her book "The Right Weigh"
Micheal lost 50 pounds
Darryl lost 120 pounds in 16 months - follow up
Rena Discusses chocolate craving
Sharon lost 100 pounds in one year
Marina Lost 42 pounds
Tampa News: Pat Lost 80 pounds
Rena hypnotizes Gayle Guyardo
Darryl lost 123 pounds
Rebecca lost 35 pounds
Rena Discusses weight loss
Rena discusses self hypnosis
Veronica Loses 80 pounds
LouAnne Lost 37 pounds
Gene lost 100 pounds at weight seminar
Veronica lost 62 pounds
Jane lost 50 pounds and Sarah lost 45 pounds
Lisa Lost 10 pounds and Veronica lost 65 pounds
Michelle lost 30 pounds and makes healthier choices
Rena Demonstrates hypnosis
Veronica lost 70 pounds and makes healthier choices
Rena discusses hospital seminar
Rena Discusses Night Time Cravings
Rena discusses hypnosis and subconscious mind
Rena discusses "The Craving Cure"
Rena discusses Smoking Cessation Seminar
Rick lost 38 pounds in 3 months
Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Seminar
Weight Seminar, Patricia Lost 18 pounds
Smoking Cessation Seminar in Tampa
SNN 6 Interview with Rena about weight loss
Rena is Interviewed about weight Loss
Weight Loss Seminar
Stop Smoking Seminar
ABC News features Gastric Bypass Hypnosis
NBC-TV Channel 8 Tampa features Rena Greenberg's international success with Gastric Bypass Hypnosis and Hypno-Lap Band Surgery.
Rena discusses hypnosis and how it works
Rena Discusses her book "The Right Weigh"
Rena Discusses her book "The Right Weigh"

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