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To the people who ask me, “What if it doesn’t work?” My answer is:“ What if it does?”

Start Making Things Work for You Today with Easy Willpower’s Health and Wellness Programs

If you’re looking for a miracle to turn your life around, look no more. That miracle is your own willpower. And we at Easy Willpower are here to help you channel just that with our programs.

Rena Greenberg, a celebrity among the top health and wellness experts and rated the best hypnotherapist for gastric band hypnosis is featured on over 150 news stories on PBS, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, USA TODAY and Woman’s World for her amazing success results! With her vast expertise, we are your ultimate wellness program providers!

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Weight Loss

That Works

I’ve helped over 100,000 clients lose weight and keep it off. In fact, my program has been so successful that 75+ hospitals have sponsored my hypnotic wellness program... Know More


Gastric Band

As a leading U.S. expert in gastric bypass hypnosis, Rena has conducted this powerful psychological procedure on thousands of patients using Extreme Weight Loss Programs... Know More



I am now 49 lbs. thinner and still going. My eating habits have changed tremendously.

Mickey LizotteI READ MORE




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