What prevents you from keeping an open heart and giving the love at your core freely? If you are like most people, it’s the fear of being insulted or hurt.

Face it, the world can be difficult and hurtful and worse, it makes no sense at all from the standpoint of the intelligent, rational mind.

The more we analyze life, the more we come to see that it isn’t fair and that we can never understand why things happen as they do. This can be difficult to accept.

You can’t understand life with your conscious, analytical mind and most likely, you can’t even understand yourself. But one thing all of us do know is that we want to be loved, appreciated and we want our mistakes overlooked.

How can we ensure that our mistakes will be overlooked? We can’t. But what we can do, towards that end, is begin to forgive the mistakes of others.

This can often be very challenging because your analytical mind will tell you that the other person’s behavior is unforgivable. You may tell yourself that you would never do what the other person did.

That may be true. However, what we often overlook is that we may be inclined to have done other things, either now or in the past, that were equally hurtful to someone else.

It’s so easy to judge and condemn others.

It can be quite humbling to realize that the forgiveness we are being asked to give (whether by the individual who hurt us or otherwise) is in reality the forgiveness that we ourselves are seeking.

Perhaps you would never scream at the top of your lungs and say embarrassing things to someone you love, which your friend may be guilty of.

However, in another realm, maybe you helped yourself to what rightfully did not belong to you, even if that were just credit for something that was due someone else. That’s a weakness that perhaps you’d rather be forgotten.

Upon closer examination, you may discover that your short-tempered friend would never take what belonged to someone else, and yet would freely forgive you for that shortcoming.

Release and Forgive Daily

To release is to gain freedom.

Try working with this affirmation:

“I forgive you. I release you, I set you free and I am free.”

Make it a daily practice to let go of everything that’s bugging you. If that seems difficult or even impossible, imagine the passage of time happening, in this moment.

Ask yourself, “How long does this event warrant me carrying it around with resentment and hostility?”

Clear all your fear, anger, hurt, shame and guilt by letting it wash off you, just as you rinse the dirt off your body on a daily basis in the shower, or dust off the furniture in your home.

Since there is no distinct amount of time that is beneficial to carry around pain, the quicker you can let it go the healthier you will be.

Fear, anger and resentment create aging, illness and disease.

It doesn’t matter if these emotions are understandable based on your life circumstance.

What matters is simply that you are carrying them and they are weighing you down (often literally). You can let them go, just by deciding to. Remind yourself that, “Nothing means what I think it does,” and “This too shall pass.”

In the big picture of your life, remember constantly all the goodness and love that are directed your way and let that overshadow the disappointments.

Stop looking for a cause. There never is any one cause or single person to blame. People treat you in less than loving ways because of their own emotional pain, fear and anxiety. Give them the gift of forgiveness and open your heart to receive all the redemption that is here for you.

Please let me know how I can support you and your thoughts about this article.

To Your Health & Happiness Always,