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The Doctors Show: 120 lb. Weight Loss

Rena Greenberg on The Doctors Show with Kathy who lost 120 lbs. with Rena Greenberg’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis cds! Watch Kathy’s amazing story as she shares it with Dr. Travis on The Doctors

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My #1 Thanksgiving Tip

With turkey day drawing nearer, do you feel a frenzy in the air?  As you busily finalize travel arrangements, pick up last minute groceries, prepare for the festivities, navigate traffic and check errands

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Do you give up too soon? In this video, Rena talks about the importance of perseverance. Hypnosis helps you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind—for inner strength, wisdom and guidance. Join

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What is Slender Cider?

How Can Slender Cider Help You Lose Weight? Slender Cider is the new weight loss herbal rage. But what is it? Why is everyone talking about Slender Cider? What are the herbs in Slender Cider? Is the apple

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Mindfulness and Weight Loss

Mindfulness Can Help You to Lose Weight Do you reach for food to give yourself love and comfort? How can you use mindfulness and self-hypnosis to end emotional eating? In this inspirational video, Weight

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