Top 10 Myths About Hypnosis

“You are getting very sleepy.” Hypnosis has often been portrayed in the movies as a trick that the weak-minded need to be wary of.

Hollywood often depicts dominating hypnotists as master manipulators. Though these scenarios may make for a thrilling movie plot, in reality, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth! Unknown

Rather than control you, a qualified therapeutic hypnotist can help you to re-train your subconscious so you no longer sabotage your self. A good hypnotherapist will assist you in dropping old unproductive patterns and stepping into a much more confident, happier version of yourself

However, before seeking a hypnotist to assist you unlock the incredible power in your deeper mind, it’s important to understand what hypnosis is and isn’t.

Take a look at the top 10 myths about hypnosis. They may surprise you!

Myth #1: Hypnosis is for the weak or stupid.

Hypnosis is actually a progressive mind tool used to empower and create life-changing, positive results. The higher your IQ the better hypnotic subject you are likely to be.

That’s because hypnosis employs the power of your own intelligence and ability to imagine. By tapping into your powerful, creative imagination, you can begin to create great changes in your behavior and in your life.

Myth #2: You need to be intimidated by your hypnotist, so that he can overpower you to break your habits.

For hypnosis to work, you have to be comfortable with the hypnotist and the method. The greater rapport you feel with the hypnotist, the more likely you are to have a positive, beneficial result.

The last thing you want is to feel intimidated or uncomfortable, because if you do, you are likely to block any beneficial result. It’s important to feel that your hypnotist is an ally and only giving you positive suggestions to help you see yourself and your life in a new way. This way you can relax and receive all the positive energy and suggestions the hypnotist is giving you.

Myth #3: You lose control in a hypnosis session.

In hypnosis, you are in complete control. In fact, you could come up out of hypnosis at any time, simply by opening your eyes. However, hypnosis is such a pleasant state, that most people prefer to stay in it, until they are told to come out of it.

I believe that you have more control when using my hypnosis because you are finally accepting and receiving the suggestions that are for your greater good, rather than all the suggestions you are constantly being bombarded with, from within the environment.

Myth #4: Hypnosis is sleep.

In hypnosis, your awareness is heightened. You are more aware of the sounds and sensations around you than you are in your typical, every day waking state.

In this state, your subconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestions. The suggestions I give you are all for your own highest level of health, happiness, freedom and uplifted consciousness. In a private session, the suggestions are channeled for you personally based on the issues you discussed with me.

Myth #5: If you think a lot, you can’t be hypnotized.

In my experience, the deep thinker is often a great hypnotic subject. It’s impossible to turn off the mind.   A good hypnotist distracts the conscious mind so she can access the subconscious mind and fill it with new, positive suggestions.

Myth #6: Some people can’t be hypnotized.

We are all being hypnotized all the time—by the media, advertising and the voices from our past. Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized, but to varying degrees, depending on their ability to relax and concentrate at any particular time.

You have to want to be hypnotized—no one can force another person against their will. Hypnosis is a consent state.

With motivation and desire, everyone can be hypnotized, except someone with a very low IQ, who just can’t focus at all.

Myth #7: You have to try really hard to be hypnotized.

You can’t force hypnosis. It’s a state of allowing. A skilled hypnotist has tools to induce a state of hypnosis that is both pleasant and relaxing with the capability to produce desired changes in your thoughts and behavior, following the hypnotic experience.

Myth #8: You might never wake up if you go into hypnosis. You are dependent on the hypnotist.

You are completely independent of the hypnotist. If you did fall asleep, you would just wake up naturally, as you would from any sleep.

Myth #9: The hypnotist can make you do things you don’t want to do.

If you don’t like the hypnotist’s suggestions, you can completely disregard them. Your subconscious mind is always working for you and protecting you. You wouldn’t do anything in hypnosis that you wouldn’t do out of hypnosis.

The reason why we see people in stage shows acting silly is because they want to. Remember, they volunteered to go up on the stage – they weren’t dragged there. Many people want to experience the spotlight and a hypnosis stage is the perfect vehicle for some. Remember, you are in control!

Myth #10: You’re going to forget everything that was said in the hypnosis session.

While some people do consciously forget much of what was said in a hypnosis session, you will likely also remember a lot of the suggestions.

Hypnosis is like daydreaming or night dreaming – often you remember the suggestions that were spoken to you at random times, when you find yourself responding differently to typical situations.

For example, you may have been using hypnosis to lose weight, and notice that you are not even tempted by the plate of cookies that’s been placed in front of you. At that point, you may have a memory of the hypnotist telling you that cookies are unappealing.

If you’ve been struggling with a habit you want to get rid of, your weight, self-esteem, relationship or any kind of addiction, why not try hypnosis to change the underlying behavior?

Hypnosis can be magical when it comes to changing your thinking. New thoughts create new behaviors which lead to positive, new outcomes in your life.

Hypnosis can give you a new lease on life. It offers you a new hypnotic inner voice: an IV (inner voice) for your soul! What better medicine could you ask for?

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About the Author RENA GREENBERG

Rena Greenberg has had the privilege over the last 25+ years to work with over 100,000 people in 75 medical centers to help them lose weight without surgery.

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Lupe cano says October 7, 2014

I want to know about the gastric bypass hypnosis does ,the cd work by not having a hypnotist in person .

    RENA GREENBERG says October 30, 2014

    Hi Lupe, Absolutely, many people only use my gastric bypass hypnosis cd, with no personal sessions, with excellent results. In fact, this Tuesday, I will be on The Doctor’s Show with my client, Kathy Pieper, who lost 120 lbs listening to my hypnosis cds. I had never met her face to face before we filmed the Doctor’s Show together! She had sent me her before and after photos and told me she lost the weight with my gastric bypass hypnosis and online course.

Soncha Wooddell says November 4, 2014

Hello my name is Soncha and I been suffering from panic attack do to divorce so I been taking med for long times,I”m scared to drive over the Bridge,please contact me,and help me,thank you.

Dyana Bakos says October 7, 2018

Oh I totally am a fan of hypnosis for good. After over 30 yrs of 2+ packs of menthol 100 cigs a day, I went and got hypnotized and next May 11, 2019, I will be ten years free from cigarettes. Also, I have suffered from insomnia. After losing my mom, I couldn’t sleep for almost 4 days. My psychologist hypnotized me to ” get ” 8 hours sleep in fifteen minutes. I just could not shut off my mind!

Dyana Bakos says October 7, 2018

By the way, I went to be hypnotized once before the holidays to push away any cookies. The Psychologist said that food is tricky, because its a natural bodily function.

    RENA GREENBERG says October 7, 2018

    Hi Dyana, I understand that the Psychologist told you that food is tricky, because we need food, unlike cigarettes or drugs, which we don’t need. But the reason I’ve had such great results with my hypnosis program is because my goal is to help people eat only the foods that are nourishing for them and to only eat smaller portions of healthier food. That’s why it works. Of course, you need to eat, and dieting or fasting most likely leads to extreme hunger and overeating later.

    So, yes, like the Psychologist told you, food is a natural bodily function, but processed foods that are devoid of nutrition are not a natural way to sustain health. The good news is that the brain can be re-wired to prefer only healthy food to achieve permanent weight loss and vitality. That’s how I help people with my hypnosis programs.

Hypnosis Self Confidence – Now You Can Unlock Your Life With Easy Self-hypnosis - The Solution To... says December 8, 2018

[…] It is safe and you can approach it trusting that everything is ok. As Rena Greenberg at point outs, there are many myths on hypnosis that maybe are stopping you but are simply false. […]

Betty kaye Grice says June 1, 2019

I want to do this

    RENA GREENBERG says June 3, 2019

    Hi Betty,
    I am happy to help you. Sounds like you are ready to make a positive change. Please feel free to call us at: 800-848-2822, or send an email to: You can do a private session or use one of our popular at home programs.

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