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Live, laugh and love as if  today were your very last day here on Earth.  Treat yourself and others as if the memory of you will live on forever . . .

Thinking about your own mortality can feel overwhelming.  Who can imagine a world without themselves in it?  And yet the truth is,  you and I are just passing through. If that thought brings you fear, comfort yourself.

As important as we may feel, we are only here for the blink of an eye, when measured by eternity. Looking up at the night sky, imagine that you and I are just like the stars. Brilliantly beautiful–yet one of many dazzling shining lights.

The stars are not competing with one another . . . They simply are shining.

Tuning into your own deep wisdom, ask yourself, “What is my life’s purpose?”  “What am I here to teach? What am I here to learn?”  Often, it’s the same thing. It’s likely that you are here to teach what you came here to learn.  You teach not necessarily with your words, but who you  are speaks volumes.

Notice how many of your life’s choices are simply a distraction. Is your focus on food, dieting, your body and your weight simply a habit?  Is a subconscious fear of death or loss, urging you to seek instant gratification and pleasure? If so, release any judgment about that.

Right now, no matter what your age, you are in a perfect moment to go deeper within and think about, “What is my purpose? What does my life stand for? How do I wish to spend my precious life force energy? Do I treat my body like a holy temple? What is my legacy?”

Maybe you are here to learn and teach patience, resilience, compassion, wisdom, joy, forgiveness, moderation, discipline, generosity or non-attachment.

When you think of your life as a vehicle to learn and share these qualities, it can help to make sense of all the life experiences you have been been through.  The good . . .the bad . . . the joy . . .the hurt . . .

The full spectrum of possibilities is what may be needed to bring out your deepest gifts.  This is the fruit that you have to share with others.

What if today were your last day? Would you still spend it counting calories? Or, relentlessly seeking pleasure? What if attaining your perfect mental, physical and emotional health had nothing to do with your weight?  Could living at your ideal weight be more about freedom, self-respect and self care, as a way to say thank you for the gift of your beautiful life?

You and I may be blessed enough to have another opportunity tomorrow. Every day gives us a chance to go deeper and come from a more authentic place. What does that mean?  It means being true to yourself. Today gives you the chance to turn in a new direction. To press the re-start button.  To be more of the person you were meant to be. Not just for others, but for you!

Your authenticity is your greatest gift to yourself and others.  Live love laugh as if this were your very last moment. Rejoice because you have been given more time . . . . What are you going to do with your gifts?  Despite every challenge you have faced, will your thoughts, words and actions reflect your highest love and your most empowering choices?

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool to release fear, embrace hope, to set and achieve life goals that are meaningful to you–living at your healthiest, perfect weight, having stellar relationships, building deep confidence and high self-esteem, living a life of passion. Let me know how I can support you!

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Rena Greenberg has had the privilege over the last 25+ years to work with over 100,000 people in 75 medical centers to help them lose weight without surgery.

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