You must have seen advertisements promoting quick weight loss. There are also many videos about how people have lost 7 pounds in a week or 25 to 30 pounds in a month. Such information can lure you in and have you spend money on quick weight loss programs that tend to do more harm than good.

Experts, too, have realized the importance of steady and healthy weight loss over a quick fix. Half a pound to 2 pounds of weight lost in a week is considered achievable and safe. But what happens when you achieve quick weight loss?

Here are some reasons rapid weight loss is never recommended by experts:

Your metabolism can get slower

Massively reducing your calorie intake can have a detrimental effect on the body. When you don’t provide your body enough energy to sustain you throughout the day, you end up experiencing extreme fatigue. Your body goes into starvation mode, which means it takes longer for food to digest as the body is trying to ration out the energy available.

Quick weight loss isn’t a lifestyle change

Becoming healthy and losing weight is a change in lifestyle, particularly if you expect to sustain the results. Developing a lifestyle takes time. You have to break out of your unhealthy habits to develop healthy ones. Rapid weight loss doesn’t give you enough time to make that sustainable lifestyle change. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you could go back to your old eating habits, causing you to rapidly pack on the pounds too.

You could be losing muscle instead of fat

Ideally, weight loss is a result of fat that has burned off due to a calorie deficit, not muscle mass. However, if you severely cut down on your calories within a short period of time, it can result in muscle loss. Extreme low-calorie diets cause the body to break down muscle for energy. Losing muscle means you no longer look toned and your metabolism slows down too.

Rapid weight loss can affect mental health

Mental health issues can make it difficult to be social.

Unfortunately, social media has led us to develop an unhealthy perspective of body image. Most celebrities, influencers, and Instagram models live off highly restrictive diets and hours of exercise. This is expensive and difficult to achieve for someone working a full-time job, raising a family, or even just attending school.

All the photo editing and airbrushing have led us to believe in smooth skin, no hip dips, and virtually no pores. All this affects our mental health, whether we realize it or not.

Those who are overweight, in particular, tend to associate their unhappiness with their weight. Rapid weight loss gets rid of the extra pounds you’re carrying, but it doesn’t give you the time to improve on your mental health. Once you’ve lost all the weight and you still don’t feel any different, that’s when reality hits and your mental health can come crumbling down.

Weight loss is a journey that should be taken slowly and steadily. Get in touch with a professional who can help you lose weight sustainably and make you a healthier version of yourself.

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