Weight Loss Results: What to Do About My Weight?

Obesity and excessive weight gain statistics show, is no small problem in the U.S. Almost a fourth of the population in most states within the county suffers from obesity and related complications.

Keeping Your Weight in Check – Things that Help

Addressing your weight and keeping it in check can be done in a number of ways. We’re going to elaborate on some techniques you may or may not have tried. The idea however, is to be gentle and kind to yourself as you keep moving closer to your goal.

Be Wary of Diets

Though there are some brilliant and highly effective weight loss programs out there you want to be careful of which diet you choose. Where some programs for weight loss are meticulously planned, researched and formulated, others might not be so effective.

Furthermore, studies have shown that many programs are geared to make you lose weight temporarily only to gain it back when the diet is over! If you’re looking for a permanent weight loss solution, don’t just jump on to any dieting program you come across. Only use weight loss programs that are legitimate and those from sources you can trust!

Don’t Mindlessly Starve Yourself

You might think the best way to lose weight is to simply go cold turkey and drastically drop your food intake. It is not uncommon for those trying to lose weight to day fast. Day fasting is basically when you eat nothing all day. The trouble with this however is that in most cases, you end up binge eating at night!

As opposed to helping you lose weight, this increases fat storage in the body! Don’t starve yourself.

Exercise is Essential

Exercise and weight management are pretty much inseparable. If you’re struggling with your weight as it is, you really can’t have one without the other. A chronic lack of exercise slows down your metabolism immensely. This makes it easier for your body to store whatever is eaten as fat.

Regular exercise keeps your metabolism up which in turn helps convert much of what you eat into energy as well as muscle (and other essentials). You don’t have to hit the gym every day or go for a four-mile run on a regular basis.

All you need to do is keep that body of yours active. Swim, walk, cycle, try out yoga or body weight training. Just make sure you break a sweat! Even if it’s a three day a week gym regiment, that’s fine! Keeping your body active is one of the best things you can do for weight loss and balance!

Portions and Timing

As opposed to starving yourself, it’s far more helpful to balance your meals and eat at the right times. If you reduce your meal portions, your body will be able to digest your food a lot better. Having smaller portions of food and spreading them across the day at three to four hour intervals also helps increase your metabolism!

Eating prior to times of physical activity is a lot better than say eating heavily before bed. This is because your body will metabolize and use most of what you eat, instead of storing needless food calories, as unwanted body fat!

Look into Hypnosis

As we said, we’re well aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to rewire yourself and change old patterns of behavior. There may also be instances where your compulsion to eat is too deeply rooted for you to change on your own using conventional tools. It may be time to address these issues using methods that have helped many thousands of other individuals who grappled with the same issues that you do.

Hypnosis is known to help those struggling with breaking old behavior patters. There are also more advanced and specialized techniques like gastric bypass hypnosis which are designed to mimic the effect of a gastric bypass without any intrusive surgery or procedures.

If you have tried others weight loss techniques and are looking for something more effective, do look into specialized hypnotists who work with weight loss. You might be surprised at how much these techniques actually help!

Winding Down

As we said, weight management and weight loss can be a serious struggle for those who contend with it.

At the same time, there is always a way to overcome what is pulling you down. Organizations like ours are dedicated to helping those we work with address numerous issues including weight loss. We offer support and wellness programs that help those we work with connect with their strengths and overcome even the most troublesome of obstacles!

If you’re struggling with weight loss, remember, you’re not alone!

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Rena Greenberg has had the privilege over the last 25+ years to work with over 100,000 people in 75 medical centers to help them lose weight without surgery.

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