Rena Greenberg is featured on Nightline for her weight loss hypnosis success, for the third time! In this story, Julie Evans who lost 140 lbs with weight loss hypnosis and gastric bypass hypnosis is featured. Take a look:

On ABC-TV Nightline, Julie shares her incredible story about gaining over 100 lbs after she had her children, and her subsequent struggle to lose the weight. She tried every diet she could find, but the result was always the same. She would lose weight but gain it back.

Until she came to see Rena Greenberg for hypnosis. She was skeptical and she didn’t think that she could be hypnotized, but she was desperate.

Immediately following the weight loss hypnosis with Rena, she felt a shift happening. It was like a switch being flipped in her brain. She started to crave healthier foods. Food no longer held an emotional charge for her.

The junk she used to eat began to look completely uninteresting to her. After the weight loss hypnosis she began to crave healthier foods. After the gastric bypass hypnosis, she didn’t even want sugar or sweet foods anymore.

Finally, Julie felt in control of her life and her eating habits. She noticed that she was leaving food on the plate and felt compelled to go to the gym each morning.

She started to finally lose weight and feel happier. Watch this incredible story on ABC-TV Nightline, because it’s never too late to set out to achieve your goals.