“Since I started taking Slender Cider on a daily basis for about two years now, I have had the most phenomenal benefits.  This product is absolutely amazing!  I have lost 40 pounds!

Every morning when I wake up, I take 4 capfuls of Slender Cider mixed with water.  The best news is that during my recent visit to my oncologist, she discharged me!!  After over 3 years of biopsies, this was such welcome news!

 I also had lost 15 lbs since I had last seen the doctor 6 months prior.  The only thing I have changed in my life is that now I am taking four capfuls of Slender Cider in the morning!”

This email from Joy made my day!  Health is a mind-body-spirit effort, but with the right tools, it is attainable. Never give up on yourself!

To Your Health & Happiness,


Slender Cider benefits