Some people are happy to get up at 5 AM for a run or a workout at the gym and begin the day with a dose of fitness; but then there are others who can’t seem to exercise even after spending the day on the couch.

Studies have shown that implanting affirmations through hypnosis and Functional Imagery Training (FIT) can trick the mind into making healthier choices and promote weight loss.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can trick your brain into loving fitness:

Delve into the Subconscious

We know we should exercise, but something within stops us from doing so. People who don’t exercise regularly are quick to come up with excuses to explain why.

Most people know they should be exercising, but few of us want to—this is where the subconscious mind is at work.

Blame it On the Brain

Here’s the thing, our brain is conditioned to minimize effort to make our lives easier; it’s reluctant to put in work into anything, unless it sees some kind of reward on the other side.

Since physical and mental effort require metabolic resources, our brain looks at them as a threat. Because of our brain’s natural tendencies, we’re more inclined to avoid putting our body through exercise.

So how do you help the brain understand that exercise is a good thing?

Transform Exercise Into a Reward

Woman enjoying exercise.

Our brain doesn’t mind putting in the effort when it knows it’s going to be rewarded.

The rewards of getting into shape or living longer can be appealing, but because it requires time, the brain isn’t fully convinced that it will receive it and starts making excuses to avoid it.

Because our brain is so resistant to exercise, it needs to be tricked into it. Techniques like Functional Imagery Training (FIT) and hypnosis use imagery to help the brain envision the “reward.” This is also why many personal trainers ask clients to set a goal to work toward.

Whether it’s a number on a scale or a dress you want to fit into, seeing a visible reward can help motivate your brain.

Hypnosis to Retain the Brain

Hypnosis is one of the easiest ways to access the subconscious mind and modify thinking patterns to break bad habits and pick healthy ones.

Hypnosis can change the way you perceive healthy food and exercise, making it easier for you to live a healthier life.

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