Why does everyone in America say they’re always busy?” is a ubiquitous question asked by non-Americans. And it might look like a simple cultural gap on the surface, but the truth goes deeper. There are comprehensive studies detailing how Americans love the idea of busyness.

According to The Atlantic, “I’m so busy” is a status symbol in these times.

But when exactly did the American Dream turn into American Busyness?

The Dark Underpinnings of American Busyness

Studies have shown that most Americans find some kind of meaning in the jobs they do, which contributes to them exhausting their energy over their jobs. In one research, 70% of American adults claimed to find some meaning from their jobs. Other researchers show how finding meaning in their jobs also adds to their overall satisfaction.

people rushing to their jobs

However, there are deeper implications here. While Americans state that they’re definitely busy, they also say that they’re too busy to enjoy life. The speed of modern life eventually gets to them, as 74% of respondents to a survey expressed the inability to enjoy life on the grounds of their busyness.

And what good is life if you aren’t living it?

The Impact of Busy Living on Health

The bad news here is that busy living and overworking yourself contribute to adversely affecting your health. Staying late at the office is a major contributor to the general health crisis among Americans—especially in terms of obesity. Overworked Americans are likelier to give in to the vices of stress-eating. It also leads to stress, which, in turn, leaves an adverse impact on your immune system as well.

Being always on the job might sound great on paper, but you aren’t paying for your salary with your hard work here—you’re paying for it with your health.

Too Busy to Stay Fit? Try These Hacks

It’s important, in times such as these, to focus on yourself and take care of your body. Fill it up with nutritious food and ensure you’re working out just the right amount. But since you don’t have too much time on your hands, you can’t join a gym.

You can, however, do these:

Work Out Sparsely

Who says you need to burn an hour at the gym every day? Make it 45 minutes, 3 days a week instead. For each day, try a different compound lift—that’s the bare minimum you need if you’re serious about getting on with a fitness plan.

Get the Hardest Over on Sundays

What’s the compound lift you dread the most? Squat? Don’t leave it for the weekdays, when you’ll already be inundated with work. Do it on Sundays instead. In this way, you’ll be jump-starting your week and feel great on Monday, too!

Build a Gym at Home

You can’t go join a gym for regular workouts because you’re too busy—but how about you make the gym come to you? Use holiday deals and discounts to find cheaper gym equipment and start building some of it at home. This way, you can get up in the morning and go straight to work out without venturing out!

Sit in for a Live Weight Loss Seminar

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