It’s probably one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions!

Losing weight, getting fit, and finding the time to get those oblique muscles and abs you so desperately want—it’s all about looking good and feeling good. But the journey isn’t easy to go through.

With so many fast-fit diet programs and weight loss pills out there, the general public assumes that weight loss should be easy enough. And if you’re not losing weight, it’s because you’re doing something wrong.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the psychological barriers we put up with when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Psychological Barriers For Weight Loss And How To Overcome Them

– Determine Your Why

You want to lose those last five pounds in your tummy pooch, by hook or by crook. But have you stopped and asked yourself, why?

Sure, you want to look bikini body ready or want to impress your significant other. But are they good enough reasons? If truth be told, wanting to lose weight so you can look good should not be your only reason for losing weight. Appearance makes a massive difference. But if you want this weight to go away for good, you must work with yourself, mentally, to figure out your real why.


Why you’re pushing yourself to lose weight quickly, why you only focus on outward appearances, and why you think that’s healthy.

“Healthy” weight loss strengthens the body. Rather than thinking about that final number on the weight scale, focus on the final result of your blood work that’ll show how much you’ve improved.

– Accept The Hard Work

There’s no “all or nothing,” “now or never” clause when it comes to weight loss.

It’s a long-term process that gradually helps you shape your body. Thinking that you’re always going to be overweight, or that you’ll never see yourself progress is not just a defeatist attitude, it’s also wrong. Losing weight by following a health and wellness program, eating clean, focusing on improving your body’s internal processes—there’s so much that goes into helping you get results, and it all takes time to show effect.

Accept that you’ll need to work hard for a long time before results begin to show and look forward to that. And don’t bring yourself down if your progress is slow.

– Stay Away From Self-Criticizing

It isn’t just about disliking what you see in the mirror. Self-criticizing prevents you from giving yourself the love you need.

Instead, you dismiss the hard work you’ve done so far. You ignore your positive traits, your healthy habits, and the unhealthy habits you’ve stopped indulging in. As a result, you start putting your needs last. Sure, you’re still working out. But if you’re feeling nauseous after a HIIT workout, your brain tells you to keep pushing because it wasn’t good enough. If you feel hungry after a meal and want a snack, you tell yourself to not gorge on food because you’ll gain weight.

It’s this sort of negative thinking and self-bullying that hinders your weight loss journey. Be your cheerleader. Acknowledge what you’ve worked on and be kind to yourself. It’s a long road ahead, and you need your support.

Work With A Professional

Work With A Professional

Easy Willpower is a healthy diet program, designed by the world-renowned hypnotherapist, Rena Greenberg.

By focusing on healthy weight loss, the program utilizes solution-based therapy that promotes self-healing and self-growth. Rena also provides self-hypnosis weight loss programs.

Use these programs and the above information to your benefit. Make weight loss a rewarding journey for you!