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I love recipes but there’s a catch . . . They have to be simple! I was just reading an enticing recipe for healthy home-made cookies that looked amazing. But the ingredient list was longer than my to-do list for the month!

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s completely unrealistic! Of course I want to cook and eat healthy, unprocessed food, but I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. There are too many other wonderful things to do.

Especially in the evening, when the Springtime air is so fresh and feels so good on your skin! Don’t you just want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air?

For me, living in West Florida, I so look forward to the evening when I get to walk on the beach with no hot sun beating down on me!

So, I threw together this super quick and easy dinner last night and I wanted to share it with you.

Here it is in 3 easy steps (with a couple tiny steps in between).

Step One:
Saute chopped tomato, leeks, red, orange and yellow peppers in 1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and Selina Natural Celtic Sea Salt (available online or at Whole Foods Market).

Isn’t that beautiful?!
leeks, peppers, tomatoes

Step Two:
Sauté ground meat (preferably hormone-free and antibiotic-free) in a different skillet. Drain the fat. Add the cooked ground beef to the veggies.

Step Three:
Peel and cut eggplant in long slices. Spray olive oil and Bragg’s liquid amino acids (alcohol free soy sauce substitute available at any health food store, in a small spray bottle) on eggplant. Grill eggplant on your backyard grill or broil in your oven until cooked through. Cut grilled eggplant and add to meat and veggies.

add eggplant

The dish is so delicious that I don’t add anything to it. Of course, you can always add grated parmesan cheese or sprinkled goat cheese to make it even more scrumptious.

Let me know how you like this tasty, EASY dinner, that leaves you time to get some refreshing, rejuvenating night air before you hit the sack! Enjoy!

Please comment below and let me know how this recipe works out for you. I love connecting with you!!

Blessings to you,

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LINDA says May 12, 2015

Can’t wait to try this recipe..looks delish!! Thanks Rena for always inspiring us to make a fresh start one meal at a time!!!XXOO

    RENA GREENBERG says May 12, 2015

    Thanks, Linda! Yes, it’s a terrific, easy meal. Let me know how you like it!

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