The Sweet Dangers of Sugar: How Sugar Consumption leads to Weight Gain

The Sweet Dangers of Sugar: How Sugar Consumption leads to Weight Gain


You probably know by now that consuming too much sugar is bad for health. According to research, a dietary intake that is high in added sugars like those found in candy, beverages, sugar cereals, and baked goods contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other chronic health conditions.

Not only that; but another study reveals how sugar-sweetened beverages are a leading cause of obesity. The World Health Organization estimated that there were around 1.9 billion overweight adults on earth in 2016, 650 million of which were classified as obese.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at just how sugar leads to weight gain.

Sugar Causes You to Overeat

Eating foods that have high amounts of added sugar – particularly those rich in fructose – are known to boost the production of a hunger-promoting hormone known as ghrelin while decreasing the production of hunger-suppressing hormones. Fructose is also known to affect a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus which is responsible for regulating appetite functions.

The human body is naturally inclined to sweet food products because sugar consumption is known to activate the pleasure and reward parts of the brain.

Sugar is high In Calories

The purpose of added sugars such as corn syrup, agave, and cane sugar is to enhance taste rather than provide nutritional value. It’s packed with empty calories which eventually lead to weight gain. The word ‘empty’ is used because added sugars contain virtually no traces of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fiber, fat, and protein – all vital components required for proper body functioning.

Although a small intake of added sugars is unlikely to lead to weight gain, regularly consuming drinks and beverages such as candy, ice cream, cookies, and soda will lead to gaining excess body fat.

Added Sugar Foods are Less Filling

Beverages and foods that contain high amounts of added sugar such as ice cream, cake, soda, and cookies have little to no amount of proteins, an essential nutrient for controlling blood sugar levels and promoting a feeling of fullness.

Protein is classified as a macronutrient because of its ability to regulate hunger hormones, stabilize blood sugar levels, and slow down the digestive process. High-sugar foods are also known to lack fiber, another nutrient responsible for reducing appetite and promoting feelings of fullness.

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Human beings are naturally drawn toward sweet foods and those that regularly consume high amounts of sugar can find it extremely difficult to break free from the habit. Fortunately for you, there’s a simple and proven method for breaking the cycle: hypnotherapy.

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