Ronald used to come home from work everyday, plop down on the sofa, feeling exhausted, grab a bag of chips and the remote control and zone out for a few hours. The feeling of dissastisfaction that began to gnaw at him was a wonderful thing. Sometimes feeling discontent is a good sign that something is about to change. And it was.

Ronald began to feel so disgusted with himself that as a last resort he began to read a book about using the power of the mind to lose weight, that a friend had lent him. As he began to apply the teachings from my book The Right Weigh, to himself, he noticed to his surprise and delight, he was changing. One thing he began to realize was that the way he imagined his day would go was pretty much how it turned out.

Visualize a Success Scenario

He began to visualize a “success scenario.” For Ronald, that meant coming home from work feeling energized enough to do some activity. He spent 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes every evening visualizing this new scenario, even though it didn’t seem true or real to him yet. He knew that sometimes you have to fake it ’till you make it. He imagined the new scenario using all his senses so he would feel what it felt like, looked like, sounded like and smelled like to feel energized at the end of the work day.

After practicing this imagery for only a few days, Ronald felt compelled to be active after work. If there was snow on the ground, he went out and shoveled the lawn. In the Fall, he raked the leaves, and in the Spring, he planted a garden.

When it was cold or rainy out, new projects around the house brought alive Ron’s creativity and joy of workmanship. Without even trying, within six month’s time, Ron realized that he had gone down 2 notches on his belt and felt better than ever. It’s never too late to begin again.

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