Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that has gained more popularity over the past few years. Social media was once known as a way to connect with loved ones or make new friends, but now it’s used as a powerful promotional tool that has become the livelihood of many.

Unfortunately, all that sparkles isn’t gold, and the same can be said about social media. While on the surface, it seems like an amazing medium to become popular, there’s a dark side to it that isn’t spoken about.

Visual representation of the effect of social media on young minds.

Social media has affected the body image of the average person. Here’s how:


It’s very rare to have a perfect body according to societal norms without working for it. Most celebrities spend hours a day in the gym with personal trainers who help them stay in the best possible shape.

They also have nutritionists working with them to maintain their diet and keep the weight off. Unfortunately, the privilege and effort that goes behind looking their best are rarely spoken about.


Plastic surgery and enhancements are now more common than ever before. Once upon a time, plastic surgery was considered something only celebrities would do to alter their appearance, but cheaper procedures being offered in other parts of the world grant easy access to many. Rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, fillers, and Botox are some of the most common procedures performed today.

Most social media influencers and celebrities have undergone enhancements, but very few admit it, making their audience think their looks are natural. This can damage the body image and self-esteem of many people who wonder why they don’t look the same.

Filters and airbrushing alters the way they look on social media

The majority of celebrities only post images and videos of them looking perfect on social media. Their hair, makeup, and wardrobe are on point in every post, making us believe in this false notion that that’s how we are supposed to look.

More times than not, filters are used on the images to make their skin appear smoother, more tanned, or glowing. Extreme editing makes their legs appear longer, waistline slimmer, and curves enhanced.


Image file name: creative-portrait

Image Alt Text: Visual representation of the effect of social media on young minds.

Likes and comments have begun to rule our lives

Watching celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and friends sharing their lives on social media tempts you to do so too. You feel the impulsive need to share a cool place you have visited, expensive things you have bought, etc. The likes and comments on these posts drive your motivation to post more about your life online.

If any post doesn’t receive the engagement you hoped, it can have a negative impact. Social media users have admitted to not feeling good enough based on the engagement they receive.

Social media addiction is a real issue, and we need to detox from it every once in a while.

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