This Thanksgiving in many ways, is unlike any other. With the new strain of Delta Covid cases spiking, we are being encouraged to continue our social distancing.

Still, we long to connect with the ones we love on Thanksgiving. Perhaps you’ll be reaching out to friends and family via the phone or Zoom. For others, you may be planning a traditional Thanksgiving holiday, sharing food with your loved ones, across the dinner table.

Sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, family relations may trigger you. The Thanksgiving feast itself may bring up food and weight issues for you.

Ram Dass said, “If you think you’re enlightened, go home for Thanksgiving.”

In this short video, I want to help you to feel empowered to make this Thanksgiving a success, and I share tips to approach the holiday with confidence, to create a joyful and peaceful holiday.

No more stuffing yourself unconsciously. Learn to be conscious and aware of how you are feeling and what you are needing–mentally, physically and emotionally. How do you want to feel when you wake up on Black Friday?

Stuffed and remorseful? Or, so happy that you made good choices? You can eat every bite you desire without overeating by staying centered and grounded and in touch with what your body is needing. Watch this inspiring Thanksgiving week and Day message. Let me know your thoughts, I love to hear from you.

Thoughts? Comments? What’s your experience?