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TV News: The Power of the Mind to Lose Weight

Watch Rena Greenberg on this recent TV news story that aired on stations across America (just before the pandemic), with clients Julie and Jackie who lost 140 and 50 pounds with Rena’s popular Gastric

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“My Weight Loss Success is Phenomenal”

“Since I started using Rena’s Easy Willpower cds, I have a whole new mindset! I didn’t know that weight loss could be this easy. I can’t believe the difference in my life! I can go into

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Are Yukon Gold Potatoes Healthy?

“Do Yukon gold potatoes raise ones glucose levels, are they ok to eat when dieting?” asked Karen. That is a great question.  To answer it, I need to share with you my purpose in the work I

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Why Biggest Loser’s Can’t Maintain Weight Loss

Did you see today’s New York Times article discussing how every single contestant and winner on The Biggest Loser Season 8 gained back most or all of the weight they had lost? How heart breaking! The

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Scott lost 65 lb. with Gastric Band Hypnosis

Scott lost 65 pounds with gastric band hypnosis. Take a look as he shares his incredible results in this short 30 second video. Scott’s weight loss has caused his whole life to change for the better.

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