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The Doctors Show: 120 lb. Weight Loss

Rena Greenberg on The Doctors Show with Kathy who lost 120 lbs. with Rena Greenberg’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis cds! Watch Kathy’s amazing story as she shares it with Dr. Travis on The Doctors

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Are You Fat? Body Image Is the Very Last Thing You Should Worry About

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly two-thirds of adults in America are either over-weight or obese. This in turn indirectly promotes an unhealthy lifestyle which can affect

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Break Free From These Unhealthy Habits

Your daily routine includes things you do or don’t do that might have an adverse impact on your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below, we have compiled a list of unhealthy habits that you need

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Woman’s World: 120 lb Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Weight Loss

Check out this amazing story of Kathy’s 120 lb. weight loss with Rena’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis. Read the full story: Woman’s World Story: Kathy loses 120 pounds

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Weight Loss Teaches Self-Respect

Take a look at this article from the Intelligencer newspaper about my unique weight loss technique and success: Easy Weight Loss Weight loss really can be natural and easy. You don’t have to struggle

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