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Releasing Anxiety in Stressful Times – Free Live Hypnosis with Rena

I’m happy to gift you with a free live hypnosis session with me to help you cope with the unbelievable turn of events we are facing.   What part of your life has been most challenged by today’s

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My #1 Thanksgiving Tip

With turkey day drawing nearer, do you feel a frenzy in the air?  As you busily finalize travel arrangements, pick up last minute groceries, prepare for the festivities, navigate traffic and check errands

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Live Love Laugh

  Live, laugh and love as if  today were your very last day here on Earth.  Treat yourself and others as if the memory of you will live on forever . . . Thinking about your own mortality can feel

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Change Yourself Change Your World – Part II

In Part I of Change Yourself Change Your World, we talked about how the only way to permanently shift your life experience is to realize that your thoughts, words and actions are habits that color your

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5 Spiritual Keys to Weight Loss

Its kind of a funny idea, isn’t it? Buddha, Jesus or Moses on a diet? It’s hard to picture that! Why? Because I imagine that they were too busy doing their life’s work, fulfilling the Higher Will

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