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The Doctors Show: 120 lb. Weight Loss

Rena Greenberg on The Doctors Show with Kathy who lost 120 lbs. with Rena Greenberg’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis cds! Watch Kathy’s amazing story as she shares it with Dr. Travis on The Doctors

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Thelma Loses 16 lbs in 30 Days

Thelma lost 16 lbs in one month after gastric bypass hypnosis with Rena! Thelma shares her exciting experience of losing weight and changing how she eats.  Take a look by clicking on Thelma’s photo: Disclaimer:

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Avoid 3 Blocks to Positive Thinking  

“I am really bad at positive thinking (as evidenced by that statement!). Any suggestions for how to turn that around?” asked Parker Moore of Miami on my face book page, Easy Willpower. Parker’s question

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Marci’s Amazing Gastric Bypass Hypnosis

Watch Marci share her incredible experience moments after her gastric bypass hypnosis with Rena. Take a look by clicking on Marci’s photo: Disclaimer: Actual Results May Vary

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