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How Many Hypnosis Sessions do I Need?

How Many Times do you Need Hypnosis? How many hypnosis sessions do you need to lose weight? or to Quit Smoking? To eliminate a fear or phobia? To build confidence or heal your relationship? During Rena’s

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3 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

Avoid Weight Loss Pitfalls Living with unwanted weight gain can feel depressing. Trying to lose weight is often frustrating when you’re desperately trying to stick to one diet after another. After

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What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis? What is hypnosis? How can hypnosis help you to change your life? How does hypnotherapy work to tap into the power of your subconscious mind? Is hypnosis NLP? In this short segment, from

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Rena on Blog Talk Radio with Robert Sharpe

Learn the secrets and strategies to permanent healthy weight loss and breaking free from sugar, carb and all addiction. Step into your healthiest life. In this interview with Robert Sharpe, Rena reveals

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Rena’s New Book is a Must Read: Easy Sugar Break-up

Are you tired of struggling with cravings for carbs, sugar in all its forms, including alcohol, and sweets? My newest book, Easy Sugar Breakup, includes all the rich material from my McGraw-Hill Book,

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