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New Year’s Resolutions That Work!

It’s the dawn of the New Year and your motivation to take charge of your life is high. As you assess your life, your attention is steered to an area you’d like to improve. Whether it’s losing ten

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My #1 Thanksgiving Tip

With turkey day drawing nearer, do you feel a frenzy in the air?  As you busily finalize travel arrangements, pick up last minute groceries, prepare for the festivities, navigate traffic and check errands

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Mother Daughter Tips to Get off Sugar Without a Diet

Do your kids want to rebel and eat junk food? Are you having a hard time keeping your child on a diet? What are the healthiest foods for you and your son or daughter? How can you help your adult child

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Break Free From These Unhealthy Habits

Your daily routine includes things you do or don’t do that might have an adverse impact on your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below, we have compiled a list of unhealthy habits that you need

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Jane loses weight with gastric bypass hypnosis cds

“I want you to know that things are working for me great! I’m 65 years old and have been struggling with food addiction since age 8. 24 pounds gone with the hypnosis gastric bypass cds! This is

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