Do you crave something sweet after a meal or around the same time day after day?

Sugar cravings are a common occurrence that’s triggered by a poor diet and other detrimental habits. Sometimes, sugar cravings arise due to nutritional deficiencies as well.

If you find yourself rushing to the fridge to grab a tub of ice cream after every meal, think about the biological and emotional reasons that are causing you to do so.

Diet Habits That Cause Sugar Cravings

Our brain is designed to seek rewards, which is why it’s drawn to foods that provide instant satisfaction—many of which are sugary treats.

But other than your brain, various foods and dietary choices also intensify your desire for sugar.

Low-Protein Intake

Fats and proteins reduce the release of sugar in the blood; when we don’t eat enough protein, our blood sugar fluctuates at a rapid rate and causes sugar cravings.

If you don’t have healthy proteins in your diet, consider supplementing your food plan with protein powder.

High-Carb Diet

Woman eating carbs

A high-carb diet is bad for you for many reasons—sugar cravings being one of them.

Simple carbohydrates go into the bloodstream and spike blood sugar and insulin. Unless simple carbs are accompanied by fats, protein, and fiber, they won’t fill you up, so you’ll end up overeating.

When you suddenly cut carbs from the body, it craves the instant energy source it’s grown used to, sending you looking for the nearest sugary treat.

Your body needs to learn how to get energy from healthier foods.

Other Habits That Cause Sugar Cravings

Sleep Habits

Ever wondered why your brain craves sugar when you haven’t slept well? It’s because functionality in the upper brain declines, causing the body to look for an instant source of energy.

Stress and Depression

When we’re stressed or depressed, we need serotonin (the happy hormone) to balance cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body.

Eating sugary foods releases serotonin in the body and lifts our mood; the “happiness” is short-lived, though, which is why we crave it again.

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