Subliminal messages work like coded instructions for your mind that are too cryptic to understand.

To understand this phenomenon, you need to know how the subconscious mind works.

How The Subconscious Works

If you understand the three levels of consciousness as an iceberg, the conscious mind is just the tip that’s visible from above the water’s surface. The rest is hidden under the water and concealed from your vision. That’s where the subconscious and unconscious levels of your mind lie.

The conscious mind absorbs your surroundings and the sensory data that it receives. It’s this part of your mind that registers the heat on a sunny day. It’s also in sync with your bodily needs, such as hunger and sleep, and responds to it.

It’s the powerhouse that keeps your body functioning. When you fall asleep, your conscious mind shuts off. That’s why you have no memory of the time that has elapsed while you were asleep.

But your subconscious mind is like a curious child that stays up under the blanket. It keeps processing information and storing data. So while your conscious mind is asleep, your subconscious mind is wide awake.

How Does Subliminal Messaging Work?

The subconscious mind is alert enough to pick cues when you’re not aware. It works like a memory bank that collects information that usually falls through the cracks and saves it.

How Does Subliminal Messaging Work

Imagine walking past a series of stores, toward a café, where your friends are waiting for you. In a rush to reach your destination on time, you might not notice the big red SALE sign peeking from the glass windows. But if you saw it from the corner of your eye, the visual information is stored in your subconscious mind.

If there’s something that flashes for a split second or a faint noise that’s hardly audible, your conscious mind may not react. But your subconscious mind will remember it and use it to affect your behavior.

An experiment conducted in a public movie theatre in 1957 by James McDonald Vicary proved this. Slides saying: Eat Popcorn and Drink Coca-Cola were flashed on the screen for a fraction of a second—too quick for the eye to read. But it boosted popcorn and Coca-Cola sales considerably. That’s subliminal advertising.

Understanding subliminal information can be complicated. This is why individuals seek the services of a hypnotherapist.

What Is Hypnotic Communication?

You can never become aware of the subliminal messages in your subconscious. To communicate with your subconscious mind, you need to ease your passage into it through the conscious mind. This is called hypnotic communication. A hypnotist works with your conscious mind to access the contents of your subconscious and engage with it.

Since your subconscious mind can reveal shocking or disturbing information, it’s crucial to conduct hypnosis with consent. Dealing with the information that you find can be overwhelming. You may have remembered inappropriate details of an interaction with someone or realize the cause of your relationship problems.

It’s crucial that once the therapist hypnotically starts communicating with your subconscious, they direct the conversation towards positive outcomes instead of fear and anxiety. If done expertly, hypnotic communication can liberate you from many complexities and promote self-growth.

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