Many people think that binge eating is a result of stress, which wouldn’t be an inaccurate statement. There is, however, a clincher: sometimes, it’s the other way round.

Often, certain foods trigger your stress, and you might not even know which ones!

Stress-causing foods exist, and they’re different for different people. We don’t mean to say that eating a certain fruit will give you stress. What we mean is that it’s best to avoid certain foods when you’re under stress.

And these foods are…

Milk Chocolate

When stressed, most people want to recoil on their couch and binge eat the sweetest thing in the world: good, creamy chocolate. But most of the chocolate you get from stores is milk chocolate. In other words, it’s sweetened chocolate, full of sugar, and that’s bad news.

But there’s a way out. Just because there’s sugar in your chocolate doesn’t mean you should give it up. Instead, you can switch to dark chocolate, which is, in fact, a pretty healthy alternative.



We don’t begrudge you for wanting to eat pasta when you’re stressed out—after all, few things taste as good. However, pasta is also packed with carbs, which high stress hormone levels make you crave. Carbs also help release serotonin: a hormone that makes you “feel good.”

But you’ll only get momentary satisfaction out of this. Pasta is made of refined carbs, and those will make you feel all kinds of anxious in no time.

Switch it out with something that is slow-digesting and can help stabilize your blood sugar—such as spaghetti squash.

Ice Cream

Like most chocolates, ice cream is full of refined sugar. It might make you feel great for a moment, but all the damage it does to your body will make you regret it. Excess sugar in the body leads to a decrease in glucose levels. This, in turn, leads to greater cortisol levels, which causes greater stress.

If you want to avoid this vicious cycle, resort to eating something both sweet and cold. We’d suggest going with fruits for their sweet juices.

You can also add some dark chocolate; after all, strawberries with chocolate taste pretty heavenly!

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